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23 things I learned by 23

Posted in Lifestyle
on 01/23/2020

23. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! This time of year is always my time for self-reflection and of course this lil annual post. So many great things happened at 22. Lots of challenges, sentimental moments (college graduation), and lots and lots of laughing so hard I couldn’t move/crying so hard I couldn’t get out of bed. Overall, a year of serious GROWTH. In order to conquer 23, I gotta leave a piece of my heart in year 22. So without ado, here’s my life lessons learned at 22. Hope y’all get a kick of reading because I sure love to write this post each year! 23, I’m comin for ya!

Twenty-three things I learned by 23:

  1. It’s ok to feel lonely sometimes. Honestly, this is something I’m still working on going into year 23. Being on the road, and most times, at places where I don’t know anyone at all can seriously be draining. I miss my friends and family. Sometimes I resent feeling alone because I want to be strong and independent. But I’ve got to learn it’s okay to FEEL. Loneliness is only temporary and sometimes you have to feel lonely in order to appreciate the feeling of contentedness.
  2. Stop caring what other people think. 
  3. Don’t let another’s validation dictate your happiness. Happiness comes from within. You are truly the only person who can make yourself happy. Putting your happiness in another’s hands never ends up well. You’ll never be whole if you rely on others to provide happiness. Make yourself proud and that’s all you can ask for!
  4. Joggers are literally gods gift to earth. Especially when they come in a matching set. A pro tip: Walmart has the best men’s sweatsuits for under $20 for the two pieces. NOT KIDDING. 
  5. Traveling is fun, but there’s no place like home. Growing up, I always wanted to get out and leave home. Once I actually did, I realized the immense appreciation I have for home. The feeling of going home after being away for a while is one of the best IN THE WORLD! 
  6. Forever 21 has been there for me through thick and thin, y’all. Last year I shopped there more than I ever had before. Maybe that’s because I a. love a good sale b. appreciate trends, but do not want to spend bank on them or c. that shopping online there is way too easy (although it does take 11,000 years to come in).
  7. Don’t watch a murder documentary before bed. Thought I already knew this, but clearly I didn’t and learned my lesson after many sleepless nights that resulted in me having to watch hours of That 70’s Show to not be creeped out.
  8. SILK PILLOWCASES are game changers for my fellow bed head queens. Don’t know about y’all but I always wake up lookin like I just got hit by a car. My silk pillowcase at least *HELPS* my hair look a bit better in the AM. Apparently they’re great for skin too? Idk about all that but 10/10 would recommend. 
  9. Dip nails are the best way to get bang for your buck. Get em done once a month and you’re good to go. They range from $35-65 just depending on where you go but they are so worth it! 
  10. Twitter humor is my favorite thing in the world.
  11. Be proud of your roots. I don’t think I’ve ever embraced my Louisiana roots more than I have this year being out on the road. Seeing a variety of places so vastly different from my home made me so so proud to be where I’m from. Not everyone can say they’re from the state with a national championship winning college football team, the best food around, and the most fun atmosphere/people!
  12. You can never have too many pairs of gold hoops. Swear to y’all, every time I place an order on F21 or ASOS I order another pair. They’re truly essential. 
  13. One direction still hits DIFFERENT! 
  14. Start saving money before it’s too late! Learned the hard way about this one. Now I’m on a strict savings plan because I need structure or I’ll spend all my money online shopping. It’s totally fine. That’s just who I am as a person (overspender, horrible saver) BUT I am getting much better.
  15. There is truly not much better than a good inky pilot g-2 pen. NOT ALL PENS ARE EQUAL.
  16. Look good, feel good! Those days where I actually put effort into how I look, I feel like I always have a bit of a better day. My attitude is more positive and I feel sooo much more superior. So I guess I’ll make it a resolution to try to do myself up a little each day and start things on a more positive note!
  17. There’s no such thing as too much sleep. I don’t think I will ever love anything more than my bed and a nice 9 hour night’s sleep. 
  18. Packing lighter is a valuable af life skill I still have not mastered. I legit live out of a suitcase for 9 months of the year, so I will say I have learned from when I first started working but I still could improve. I just am an overthinker and an overpacker (and man do they really go hand in hand). But hey, I’ve gotten my 53 lb suitcase down to under 40 lbs so that says something.
  19. I peaked in college. There I said it. LSU was the most incomparable time of my life thus far. I would do ANYTHING to be back in college again. Anyone have tips on how to get over college because I don’t think I really can? Help! But also GEAUX TIGERS.
  20. I think I’m starting to like football? WHERE IS MADISON CHURCH AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER? I’ll be real, I just never really got too into sports but once LSU was playing like they were this year, I freaking dove in (ESPN app and all). I still don’t understand too much of what’s going on but it’s called progress people!
  21. Don’t take yourself too seriously. What’s the fun in that? I’ve learned that life is not meant to be some serious thing that warrants zero mistakes. It’s ok to screw up and it’s ok to laugh about it!
  22. I think I’m meant to be a city gal. I’ve been able to visit NYC, Chicago, and LA this year and let me tell y’all – I THRIVED. Being able to walk everywhere? LOVES IT! Numerous things to do? YAS. I’m setting my sights for NYC after my current job is finished so hopefully y’all can catch me being a real life city girl soon.
  23. YOUR TWENTIES ARE WHERE IT’S AT. We are young and we are fun, baby! These past 3 years of my twenties have been so transformative, I can only imagine what’s to come. Catch my other “things I’ve learned posts” here, here, and here.


Ta ta for now! Loves y’all!

22 things I learned by 22

Posted in Lifestyle
on 01/23/2019

HELLO HELLO! I am over the moon to be sitting down to chat with y’all today. These posts are by far my favorite to write and I am so blessed to be typing up my third one as we speak (read 20 and 21). So sit down, relax and grab a drink – let’s dive in!

Twenty-two things I learned by 22:

  1. Dying my hair has legit made me a better person? Not sure what it is but when I started dying my hair dark brown, I really grew into myself? I guess it took a drastic change to make me feel good? Idk. But every time I die my hair dark, I have some sort of good luck so if I can have that every 3-4 months I will take it!
  2. Never be afraid to make a friend. It’s so funny how you can make a friend in the most unexpected places. This summer, I met one of my best friends by being creepy and texting her about moving to Fayetteville. Now look where we are! A summer of working together, countless FT calls, lots of pizza, margs, and cries on the bathroom floor – we are closer than ever!
  3. Oldies are the best. Huuuuuge 70s, 80s, and 90s fan over here.
  4. Vodka. Tonic. But only if someone else makes it for you? I cannot make my own drinks for the life of me. I should prob work on that…
  5. Buy the jeans- they will be worth it! I never really splurged on jeans but once I did and I’ll never go back.
  6. Journalling can save lives! I won’t drag on about this because you’ve def heard me talk about it here and here. But bottom line: getting your thoughts out onto paper is therapeutic on another level.
  7. I still don’t understand boys. Don’t think I ever will? Anyone with me?
  8. Summer internships are life changing (RiffRaff, I CAN’T THANK YA ENOUGH). Breaking your routine is necessary and for me it really allowed me to break out of my shell and gain some new experiences! You learn a lot about yourself when you’re outside of your comfort zone. Fay, I miss and love ya toooo much.
  9. Old cars teach you alllll the life lessons. The Frat Wag and I have truly been through too much to recap but I’ll just sum it up this way: I now know how to do a plethora of things under the hood of a car! 19 years and counting and we are still trucking. I am thankful!
  10. Melatonin, I love you angel. I have been using melatonin (keep in mind I DO NOT take it every night) for a deep sleep. It’s honestly one of my best tricks I’ve learned this year. Beauty sleep is key ladies!
  11. Credit cards are the devil but they are also amazing? I talked a bit about about money management in my 2019 goals but bottom line get your finances in line! This year I have become HORRIBLE at managing my money (it’s called online shopping) so I need to learn how to be better because this girl is about to be an adult y’all!
  12. Take the trip – the opportunity won’t always be there! I took a spontaneous trip to NYC this summer and I am so so happy I did. When I say spontaneous I mean I planned it two weeks or so in advance, but it really felt spontaneous to me #typeA.
  13. Chance the Rapper is my MF boo thang. Did I live under a rock until 2018? APPARENTLY!
  14. I would do many things for Calvin’s (a grocery store in Baton Rouge) chicken salad. With wheat thins! Be still my heart!
  15. There will always be people who doubt you, talk bad about you, and don’t support you. The hardest but most rewarding thing to do is continue to do your own thing and prove em allllll wrong. Not that you need approval from others to be validated but I think showing someone you CAN and WILL do something is the most liberating feeling.
  16. American airlines and I do not get along. Cancelled flights, lost bags, delayed flights, and flight voucher issues… the list goes on. I wish I could say I’m done with them but I know I’m going to have to fly with them again. Ain’t that fun?
  17. Learn how to give yourself an at home blowout and you will never be the same! The volume! The round brush! Ugh, I love the way my hair feels after a fresh blow out so do yourself a favor and watch some youtube vids to get the technique down. You’ll thank me later!
  18. Stop being so critical! I am my own biggest critic and sometimes it really holds me back. I’ve learned to loosen the reins *just a bit but everyone is a work in progress ok* and I can say I’ve enjoyed life a lot more. Don’t take yourself too seriously! Life is fun, make it that way!
  19. Everyone needs a pair of MuMu bells. They are my favorite pants in the world. SO flattering and so comfy.
  20. Y’all need to go to Chili’s. Chips and salsa, soup and salad and a big fat Coke for under $15? Sign me up. Plus they have a banging marg if you’re ballin on a budget.
  21. I’m becoming a crazy hat lady. I’ve accepted it. I’ve embraced it.
  22. Make time for the ones that matter. Most of the time when I get home from work or school, I don’t ever wanna leave my room until the next day for work or school again haha. But time is short and you’ll never regret spending time with the people you love even if it means you have to leave your comfy af bed.


LGIP turns 3!

Posted in Lifestyle
on 07/18/2018

UM OK? HOW DID WE GET HERE? It’s been a long time coming, y’all. Dang I cannot believe I started this little blog three years ago. I was in a place where I just wanted something that I could control, something that was mine. The summer before I jetted off to LSU, I made a leap of faith and created this corner of the internet. What originally was a blog for the preppy gal has evolved into something I couldn’t have ever dreamed of.

dress | shoes

Blogging has truly been such a humbling experience. I honestly don’t think I would be the person I am today if I hadn’t started this blog. It’s brought me out of shell more than I’d like to admit. Putting yourself out there in real life is scary. But on the internet? Even more scary. That stuff is there to stay. Even after I am gone, LGIP will still be in the archives of the internet. Crazy stuff.

Growing up on the internet is such a unique experience. When I look back at some of my first blog posts, I can’t help but laugh. I’ve changed SO MUCH, y’all. I’ve grown up. AHHH it’s insane to think that I started all of this to chronicle my college experience and now it’s almost over. As I enter my senior year, I am so thankful I have an online scrapbook (of sorts) that I can go back and relieve my college years through.

Blogging has taught me so many things: discipline, self-confidence, the value of hard work. The list goes on and on. But mainly I think the one thing I have taken away from this entire crazy journey so far is that the internet does not define me. I know I talked about this a bit in one of my recent girl talk posts, but I’ll mention it again because I see so much value in it. The number of likes, comments, page views, and Instagram followers does not belittle me as a person. AT ALL. That’s something I know I have struggled with. To be honest, I still struggle with it to this day. It’s so hard to not define yourself based off what others think, especially in the digital age. But I think I’ve learned I’ve got to stay true to myself and the rest will follow.

As I stay true to myself: who I am and who I am working to be, things will fall into place. LGIP in the past year has become a place where girls can come and just be. We don’t have to pretend like we have it all together, because we sure as hell don’t. This summer I wrote one of my deepest (and honestly most favorite posts) and the feedback I got was AMAZING. It was unlike any other post I had written before. I got deep. Real deep. And y’all enjoyed it. It was relatable. It’s posts like those, where I can get real and y’all will understand/relate me to that make this entire thing worth it.

SO to sum up this entire heart-to-heart I want to say: THANK YOU. The past three years have been challenging mentally. That’s something that I never expected to get out of this experience, but I am appreciative that I did. Thanks to y’all, Louisiana Girl in Pearls has honestly made me a better person.

If you’re still with me, I would love to talk a quick lil trip down memory lane and share some of my FAVORITE LGIP posts from the last year.

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LGIP revamp revealed!



21 things I learned by 21

Posted in Lifestyle
on 01/24/2018

As I turned 20 last year, I reflected on some things that I learned in my years of life. A year later, and I’m back writing my 21-year-old version. Time is flying by so fast y’all! I was so giddy sitting down to type up this post. MAMA I MADE IT.

Twenty one things I learned by 21:

  1. An all black outfit is always a good idea. Man do I feel like a million bucks in black on black. Not sure what it is, but this year I have been so drawn to the sophisticated look of an all black ‘fit.
  2. I am a TOTAL HOMEBODY. Ok, so I knew this before but I really connected to my bed this past year. There’s just something about snuggling in with some Netflix…
  3. Learn to love your flaws. This year especially, I struggled with severe acne. Accutane saved my skin for real. It got worse before it got better and it made me realize it’s not worth putting on pounds of makeup everyday. Everyone deals with it, so I’m not alone. Although it took me until the end of the year to realize that, it has made a huge difference in my self-confidence.
  4. I don’t think I could survive without chapstick. It’s truly an essential for me. Put one in every purse/jacket pocket so you’ll never have crusty lips (so gross I know.. but I can thank Accutane for my 8 month stint with those).
  5. Organization is key. Last year, I talked about my planner as my lifeline and this year I’m going a bit deeper into organization. HAVING YOUR LIFE ORGANIZED MAKES THINGS 100% EASIER/SMOOTHER/BETTER. A clean and organized room/phone/purse is the best feeling in the entire world (don’t @ me).
  6. Champagne goes with everything.
  7. Some things are worth the splurge. Before I started working at Hemline, I really didn’t splurge much on clothes. I didn’t even understand the value behind them either. Since learning about sourcing and other factors that go into the making of a garment — I know what’s worth it and what’s not. This year I got a little carried away and splurged on a few things (*cough cough* these jeans, boots, and this top).
  8. DRINK YOUR WATER kids. I swear I feel like a different human being when I am dehydrated. You can catch me with my huge S’well bottle attached to my hip most days. We need water to function, so please give your body what it needs!
  9. If you need a cheering up/wishful thinking/crying night watch a rom-com from the 1990s-early 2000s. They’re a one stop shop for any mood I’m ever in. New life goal is to watch every one I can find on the internet. If ya need somewhere to start, I’d go with She’s all That.
  10. Love to learn. Being open to learning/trying something new can really change your life! While I do hate to learn I’m doing something wrong (I’m a total type A), it’s even better to be taught how to do things right. I’ll forever be student!
  11. Each year I am consistently reminded of how amazing the women in my life truly are. Each and every one is so strong and I simply could not imagine where in the world I would be if I did not have them. Alpha Phi especially has shown me that as women we really do have the power to make a difference #girlpower!
  12. Self tanner has saved my life. This year especially, I’ve really tried to be cautious about my exposure to the sun so self tanner has been my absolute go-to year round. I really helps me to look like I am a real live human being and not a ghost. Shouts to this one because it’s $20 and my all time fave.
  13. Totally going against my splurge rant a minute ago, but I’ve really tried (keyword: tried) to save this year. Hey, I don’t have much time left until I’m going to have to enter the real world (oooh scary) so I am gonna have to have some funds to make it?? I’ve been putting a little bit of each check in savings this year! Although I’ll have to start over after my summer internship (que the Kim K gif of her fanning out the money), my savings up until then will have been worth it.
  14. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER IN THE WORLD THAN A NICE COLD FOUNTAIN COKE. Do not fight me on this because you know it’s true.
  15. Clean sheets after a shower… need I say more?
  16. Social media is fun.. but it’s does not define who you are or your success. I am still learning this fact of life…. Often times, I find myself scrolling through instagram and only thinking negatively of myself and the work I am putting out there. That’s not what’s it’s about. Instagram is not real life. I’m still working on that insecure feeling that I get when I log on to the gram but I think this is probably something many of us struggle with!
  17. Spotify is number 1. Life is just better with music, anytime, anywhere. My taste is all over the place (accurate parallel to my personality) and Spotify is my favorite for finding and organizing all ma tunes.
  18. Learn to treat yourself. Down time is key! Netflix and a fountain coke are always my remedies for a relaxing night.
  19. Working for what you have is more rewarding than anything. Y’all know those warm fuzzies that you get in the pit of your stomach? Mine normally come from those moments when I can look back and see the fruits of my labor!
  20. One Direction > all boys ever.
  21. Your 20s are where it’s at! Although I am only one year in, I can tell this phase of my life will really define me!

Here’s to another year of life! 21, lets hope you’re the best year yet. Cheeerrrrzzz!


Happy second birthday, LGIP!

Posted in Lifestyle
on 07/19/2017

Two years, too many cups of coffee and a little bit too much online shopping later… and the day is here! It’s Louisiana Girl in Pearls second birthday! What an insane ride this has been. Especially this past year. With work, school, and Alpha Phi — it’s been challenging. I have to admit I’ve not always been the most consistent with blogging. But that’s a factor I’d absolutely like to improve on going into my third year as a blogger!


Blogging for me has been such an eye-opening experience. I spend hours a day on social media looking to other bloggers for inspiration — from bloggers with 20 followers to bloggers with 2 million followers. As a perfectionist, I am so hard on myself. When you’re trying to breakthrough into a world that is as visual as blogging, it gets so hard not to compare yourself to others. I’m not going to lie to you and say I don’t wish I had another bloggers’ hair, body, money, time, etc. but I think I’ve had to learn not to discredit myself. Regardless of how many followers I have, that doesn’t make my content any less valuable than another’s.

Creating content for this little corner of the web and having people read it (hey mom) has been so rewarding. Although I am no where near the point I would like to be with LGIP, I am slowly taking the steps that I need to get there. As I learn more about social media, photography, and blogging in general LGIP improves. I would love to learn more coding in this next year (I seriously think it’s so cool how everything we look at on the internet is a combination of numbers, letters and symbols).

I’ve grown so much in the past year, more than I honestly thought I could. LGIP has definitely been a safe space for me. Some days I’m serious and some days you can’t get me off a tangent talking about some random thing. LGIP allows me the space to be whatever “me” I’m feelin’ that day. Thanks for following along with me, y’all, it honestly means the world to me. So so so much love goes out to y’all who read my posts, like my Instagram pictures, reply to my stories when I ask dumb questions, take my pictures for me without complaint, let me borrow your clothes, or computer (when mine is broken… aka always). I cannot thank y’all enough. Y’all make this happen!

Here’s to TWO YEARS and many more!! (Maybe I’ll still be blogging when I’m 70, who knows?)

Here’s some of my favorite posts from this past year:

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SO SO SO SO much love, 


Life Lately | January edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 02/01/2017

January marked many celebrations for me: the new year, spring semester of my sophomore year, and lastly my twentieth birthday. It was a month of reflection in a way (getting deep on you guys). Lots of thinking went down about my goals for the future, in addition to plotting how I am going to marry Niall Horan (lol).


I’m not looking back, I swear. Just kidding though because I relive old memories all the time. January started off interestingly enough, with me chilling on the couch with my dog on NYE. Am I lame or what?!


I’m sure y’all saw my post featuring this casual cool look, but if not I’ll link it for ya here! I’ve been living in Spanx leggings, comfy sweaters and t-shirts. No shame in being a little boring from time to time… Catherine and I shot these pictures in Downtown Covington after a quick lunch and we had such a fab time!


Surprisingly it has not rained much in Louisiana since August… But since we had a shower or two this month, I only found it necessary to break out my Hunters. They can cheer me up on any gloomy day.


Hi my name is Madison and I am addicted to coffee. Not much else to say except for the fact that I can pretty much always go for a cup of coffee. My dad, sister and I went to brunch at Abita before I left for school and their coffee was amazing. I had to snap a pic.


This month I started taking flatlays over at Hemline. It’s been hella fun experimenting and learning! Did I mention I love anything fashion related? Yeah, I guess it was assumed.


Back to school means back to having a social life… well somewhat. Mags and I went as Jackie and Donna from That 70’s Show (mostly cause I wanted an excuse to wear my new MuMu bells) to our first exchange of the semester.


This month my bff Maddie and I have been experimenting with my blog pictures. She just got a new lens so we’ve been testing it out. We shot my birthday shoot was in Downtown BR, where this fire geometric wall art was! These pictures were nothing short of amazing!! To see more pictures, follow Maddie on insta here!


Read my “20 things I learned by the time I was 20” if you wanna know how I’m feeling about being 20 now. I had an overall laid-back birthday this year which is surprising considering I AM NOT A LAID BACK PERSON. But dang, did it feel good to just chill. My fam and friends always make my birthday fab and I appreciate them so dearly!


My music favorites for this month:

Choke by One Republic

If I Ain’t Got You cover by James Bay

Cough Syrup by Young the Giant

My beauty favorites for this month:

LUSH Grease Lightening

Maybelline Full ‘N Soft mascara

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo

I’ve been lusting after this month:

Fluff ball sneaks

Ray Ban Aviators

Free People sweater


What did y’all think of January? Did y’all have a good first month of 2017? Let me know!


20 things I learned by 20

Posted in Lifestyle
on 01/25/2017

Hey my ladies! How’s everyone’s week going so far?

I celebrated my TWENTIETH birthday this week so you could say things are going pretty good. With 20 comes some *wisdom* so I figured I would make a fun, personal post for y’all. Dang have these 20 years been full of trials and tribulations.. But man, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wish y’all could see were there to see the immense amount of struggle that went on behind these pictures.img_0006 img_0047 img_0081 img_0023 img_0030 img_0032 img_0096

Photos by Madeline Dunbar.

Twenty things I learned by 20:

  1. Listen to music — all kinds. In the car with the windows rolled down + volume maxed out. It makes life 1000000x more fun. I would recommend 1D (my men!!).
  2. Wear whatever ya want! Honestly some of my favorite outfits have consisted of things I was utterly afraid to wear (I’m talking to you MuMu bells).
  3. For the love of god, keep a planner. I swear I could survive WWIII if I had my planner with me. Oh, and get ya some colored pens, cute stickies, and washi tape too. I’ve learned that jammin’ on my planner is one of my favorite pastimes… #nerd
  4. WORK LIKE A GIRL BOSS! As a self proclaimed workaholic, I can already see the fruits of my hard work — in school, my job, LGIP, etc. Bottom line: if ya care about it, WORK for it! There’s no shame in a little sweat!
  5. When you work hard, you gotta play hard. Don’t be afraid to let loose every once in a while. Put on some jams, dance in your room; go out for drinks with the gals; go shopping — do whatever makes you happy! One of my favorite things to do is drive around the LSU lakes to take a quick break. It’s seriously the best sight!
  6. READ books, read articles on the internet, read magazines, read blogs, read something. Keeping your mind stimulated is muy importante. Some of my favorite books over the years have been: The Clique series by Lisi, The Sweetest Thing, and Lonestar Southern.
  7. Keep up with your nails. I feel most put together when my nails look nice. The all time fave polishes are OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and Essie Marshmallow.
  8. The gals are everything. Carrie Bradshaw says “Friendships don’t magically last forty years…you have to invest in them.” I completely agree. They’re who I turn to in any crisis, celebration, or just the in between. I’m extremely extremely #thankful to say the least.
  9. BUY THOSE SUNGLASSES. You can never have enough. I’ve become slightly obsessed with sunglasses over the past three years or so. Ray Bans are my go-to for ALL occasions. I love throwing em on when I look horrible walking around campus #mebeinsneaky. They’re just an all around life saver and they def make you look cooler than you really are.
  10. I am a total Netflix binger. I can watch like 7 episodes in a day without moving. Honestly, it could start to become a problem. But for now, it’s my relaxation time. I’ve seen it all… from SATC, Desperate Housewives, That 70’s Show, Grey’s, New Girl, and probs 6970708 more. Always down for suggestions for my que!
  11. Coffee is my lifesaver. Can’t live without it. I have become a Starbucks Gold member once in my 20 years, and man did I feel like a superstar. Regardless of my green level status now (I’ve been #downgraded), I still love me some iced coffee (skim milk, 2 splenda).
  12. Take more risks. If you fail, you’ll have learned a lesson; if you succeed, you’ll have learned a lesson. There is nothing wrong with failing everyone in a while. Hey, I’ve learned I suck at sports, fancy writing, and science. But I’m super great at organization, social media, and my fashion classes. LGIP in itself was a huuuugggge risk for me. It was so gut wrenching to put myself on display, but I conquered that fear! It’s become one of my biggest triumphs to date (mostly cause I’m so proud of myself for keeping up with it for this long)!
  13. LEARN TO BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. If you have succeeded, take a moment to be proud of your accomplishments. Often people that are proud can be confused with people that are “full of themselves.” THAT’S SO NOT TRUE. It’s called being humble in how you celebrate your successes.
  14. It’s okay to be single. Look you’re talking to the girl who had never had a boyfriend in her life! It’s nothin’ to be ashamed of. Learn to love being alone! Holy cow, do I love to be alone!! Car rides, bike rides, color coffee dates, shopping trips all make me heart sing! Your time will come, don’t sweat it. These boys don’t know what they’re missin!
  15. Things don’t always work out the way you plan them. Take this for example: I was supposed to go to Ole Miss for school, last minute I decided to go to LSU (more scholarships). I was not excited at first. I had a random roomie but I knew 879758 people from my hometown were coming here. I felt uneasy, I felt like I didn’t belong here. I was the girl that went to LSU. It seemed too comfortable, in a way. Fast forward to my sophomore year at LSU: what the heck was I thinking back then? LSU is where I was meant to be. I love my major, I love my sorority, and I even have a job I love here in Baton Rouge. Things really do work out. You’ve gotta try and take the losses with a grain of salt and turn them into wins.
  16. Shoes make the outfit. An extensive collection will aid you in any situation. Also find a roomie who shares your shoe size, you’ll practically triple your collection (thank you, CQ)!
  17. Mascara is life changing. If I could use one product, I think mascara would have to be it. It opens up your eyes and makes you look awake (something I can always use). But really, I just love the look of some long and lush lashes!!
  18. Your family makes for the best besties. No really. I literally call my Mom almost everyday. She is my support system and she’s always got great advice for me (and I have fashion advice for her). My Dad is always encouraging me to shoot for the stars; I def take after him with all of these computer skills and that never shut up thing I’ve got going on. My twin sister is always there for me to send some funny Facebook post to, or a random old picture of us when we were kids (we love to laugh).
  19. I am desperate to travel. Dang y’all, I swear I never leave the state of Louisiana. Eventually I need to see the world. Fingers crossed when I graduate I’ll finally be able to go to Europe (I’ve never been out the country.. lame I know)!!
  20. I love fashion. Always have, always will. I started to dress myself as soon as I could walk. As a little girl, I always dreamt of becoming a famous fashion designer, or just working in the fashion industry. That dream stuck with me all throughout school and followed me into college where I now study Fashion Merchandising. Going where my passion was gives me so much drive. I am so willing to put in the work I need to get me going! LGIP was a jump in the right direction!


Cheers to 20 years, and another 20 more just as great (or even better)!!

Y’all da best.


Happy first birthday, lgip!

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on 07/17/2016

IMG_8332 IMG_8350

ps: this picture was taken right after my balloon escaped from my fingers + flew off into the sky... seriously a sad moment for me but what else would i expect?

ps: this picture was taken right after my balloon escaped from my fingers + flew off into the sky… seriously a sad moment for me but what else would I expect?

Well hey, it’s been one year since my very first blog post on this little site called Louisiana girl in pearls. It’s been one hell of a ride (as I always say). To be honest, I really was not sure what I was getting myself into by starting my own blog. I admired beauty vloggers + fashion bloggers from afar, but I never did dare to dip my toes into the world that was blogging until last year. Something within me was telling me “you can do this, make a blog. Go head!” So I sat at my computer in Boston, ma and started my own blog.

One year later, and to be frank I still am not a master blogger. I haven’t become blog famous or anything, but what I can say I have achieved is recognition from my family + friends – which is all I could ask for and more. I still have oodles of things to learn, and I continue to work on this little corner of the web each and every day. I have learned that with most things, there’s a learning process + I’m not always going to get things right the first try around (although my type-a personality wishes me to).

More than anything, I am proud of myself. This past year has really had it’s trials + tribulations through which I have learned heaps about myself and the kind of person I wish to be. But this little blog, + the hope that’ll grow to something I can grow my career from it has kept me going. When I am after something, I will do anything in my power to get it. Louisiana Girl in Pearls will get to the point where it want it to be someday, but until then, I’ll keep my liquid liner-lined eyes peeled to my computer screen working on content, social media, branding, + scheduling.

In celebration of this glorious day, I wanted to give y’all a little trip down memory lane of some of my favorite blog posts from this past inaugural year of Louisiana Girl in Pearls. I’ll link them below for y’all to take a peek at, but for now I want to address one last thing.

In all sincerity, i would like to thank y’all for reading – it means the world it me. If you’ve read one of my posts, or every single one of them – I appreciate you so much! The constant support from y’all is one of the best feelings in the world! To my friends + family who have given up your time to help me shoot blog pictures, or shop for clothes, or even just let me be because you knew I was writing a blog post – you’re irreplaceable and your help has helped make Louisiana Girl in Pearls what it is today!

I have had the time of my life this past year, being able to document my life on this corner of the web + have people actually read it! Here’s to many more years – cheers to LGIP!

Here are some of my favorite posts from the past year:

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Palmin’ around 

lots + lots of love,