OMG HI. Happy you’re here, gf.

If you’ve come to find a post-grad taking the struggle bus by the wheel, then you’ve come to THE PLACE. Over here at LGIP, we live for one thing and one thing only (ok maybe two)… realness (I guess you could also throw in fashion too if you’re feelin spicy).

Honestly, being a 24 year old is rough. Getting your sh*t together, finding a real job, making friends post-grad, maybe even moving, or honestly just doing all the thing you thought were light years away but snuck up on ya too fast – it’s a lot. But doing all of that while looking good? SISTER THAT’S ANOTHER TALE. That’s also why I’m here.

You’re welcome.

Together let’s conquer this world of *adulthood* in the looking and feeling like the queens we are. Here’s the place where you can have your cake AND eat it too (are we still doing that analogy? I feel like maybe it should be getting your drink for free and enjoying it too?).

A few things you should know about me:

I ‘m a recent NYC transplant.

Pizza and a huge fountain coke is my go-to meal.

90s/early 2000s rom-cons are my answer to everything.

I’ll NEVER turn down a sale – it’s truly disrespectful.


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