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Sweaters for spring + my Wildfox faves under $50

Posted in Fashion
on 01/30/2019

I don’t know about y’all but I live for a good sweater. They’re my favorite year round top and I don’t think you can ever have enough! The key to rocking sweaters in the spring is to get lightweight sweaters you can layer if needed but won’t be to hot if you live in the deep south like me. So without further ado, today’s spring sweater post! sweater // jeans // shoes (similar) // hat 

If you want a laugh, peep a retro spring sweater blog post here. Clearly I’ve been loving sweaters for the spring for quite some time now. Does anything ever really change with me? Haha, good question! Since it’s actually getting a little chilly here in South Louisiana, I’m doing jeans with my sweaters. But, when it gets warm I’ll be opting for some jean shorts. These jeans are my latest obsession and I can be spotted in them at least twice a week (oops). Snatch em up ladies- they’re on sale! Plus that hem is gonna be bomb for all your spring sneakers (mine are here) and espadrilles. I can see it now… Warm weather come soon please I’m begging!

Red is my color right now and I am loving everything western lately too. Cowboy take me away…. But in all seriousness the detail on this sweater is to die for! It’s got lace up detailing on the sleeves and even on the back in the shape of a bull. SO unique and so very sassy! I went for a hat because, hey, why not (might as well go all out western) and threw on my favorite snakeskin belt too. All together an easy, standout spring sweater look. *Cue the claps*

I mainly wanted to do this post today to give y’all some Wildfox STEALS. Yep, the best, softest, cutest sweatshirts all on sale under $50?! HMU GIRL I KNOW YOU WANT ONE. Not only do I love Wildfox jumpers, but their sweaters and shorts/pants are fan-freaking-tastic too! I’m always on the hunt for good sales on Wildfox because I cannot justify spending $100 on a sweatshirt. SO that’s where my boo Nordstrom Rack comes in. Always the best selection and the best prices over there. Y’all go check out all my current faves below!

Gingham: the must-have trend for spring + how to wear it

Posted in Fashion
on 03/13/2018

gingham pants // top (sold out, but I’ll link similar) // denim jacket (similar) // loafers (similar) // earrings

Gingham… kinda reminds me of a farm girl, Frenchy from Grease and a little bit of the 90s?  I am here to tell y’all its back *cue Backstreet Boys song* for spring and summer! And its oh so fun to style. I wanted to edge the pants up a bit so I went for a tee and denim jacket with stars, of course. But I would totally style this with a cute crop top and my Marc Fisher platforms too for a girly look!

My main tip for styling something as bold as the gingham trend is to keep the rest of your look simple. Stick with solid colors or neutrals to bring the focus to the statement piece (whatever it may be). Have fun with your look! I was scared to death to style these pants but once I figured out how to make them work I had so much fun with this outfit! You can try out the trend without spending a lot of money too so don’t let that hold you back! My pants were only $35 and I know for sure you can find something to fit your style for under $50 #ballinonabudget.

There are so many gingham options out there right now and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what fits your style. The pants are def the boldest. If you wanna be a bit more subtle, try a gingham skirt with a solid top, a dress or a top with jean shorts. I picked all my fave gingham options for the spring and summer and linked em below for y’all! Let me know if you try out the trend! I wanna see how y’all incorporate gingham into your spring wardrobe!


1 simple way to style winter pieces into spring

Posted in Fashion
on 02/19/2018

It’s gettin hot over here. I know the rest of the country probably isn’t experiencing this spring warmth that us Southerners are having, but hey I am here for it. This awkward transition season always has me questioning what’s “ok” for me to wear.. jeans? Yeah I guess so. White? Obvi (I never follow that rule because white is my favorite color). Straw wedges? Hmmmmmm. Velvet tops? EH idk. Today I’m gonna break a few rules and look good while doin em.

Let me just start with an update on my life: I am broke and I am a shopaholic. There’s too many good sales going on right now for amazing winter pieces I can stock up on for next year and waayyy too many beautiful spring styles coming out. I can’t help myself! When I laid my eyes on these beautiful, pink, straw wedges I knew I had to have them. I’ll admit, they’re pricey but so worth it! If you wanna snag last years colors here’s a few on sale in limited sizes (here, here and here).

I wanted to do something a little fun with this outfit so I paired a velvet cami (which I am in love with btw please go get yourself one you will wear it ALL THE TIME), my favorite distressed jeans (on sale right now), and a statement belt. The end result: a wintery/springy basic but super put together look.

Velvet camis go with almost anything! You could easily style this with some fun printed pants and platforms, a simple skirt, or even white jeans to bring it into spring.

Is there any winter pieces into your closet you wish that you could style into the spring? Comment down below and let’s figure out some new ways to rock em!


Life Lately | May Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 05/31/2017

Happy almost June!

Here’s to another Life Lately and being one month closer to going back to school in August (so sad but happy at the same time)! This month was extremely boring. All I did was work all day, come home, make some dinner and watch a movie… so not much is goin on over here! I’ll try to sum up some of the *fun* things I did this month (they were scarce). Here goes!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

RIP sophomore year. If you’re in the sentimental mood, you can read my sophomore year recap post here.   It was the end of a true era y’all.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After getting out of school, I headed to NOLA for Kings of Leon. They played at Jazz Fest and man were they amazing. I swear they sounded better live than on their CDs. My sister and I met up with some of our high school friends and our family so we had the best time!! It was hot as Hades so I wore jean shorts (surprised?) and a tank with a neck scarf (my fave accessory)!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Happy Momma’s Day to my beautiful Momma! The day was super chill — we chowed and hung out with family all day! I wore a romper and my fun earrings for church in the morning and ended up staying in it the rest of the day (it was super comfy).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This summer I’ve gotten into a daily routine of coffee and a bagel every morning (I feel old saying that). That little bit of me time is seriously the best. It gets even better when I have some minutes to flip through a magazine.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is the product of my roomie Maria and I having an impromptu photo shoot outside of our apartment, lol. I love jean shorts (what’s new) so I’m experimenting trying to see how many different ways I can style them. So here’s one…

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Ah the classic overalls pic. I think this was one of my most daring outfits to date (honestly it’s not too daring, I’m just boring) so I had such a blast shooting it! You can check out the post here! I definitely plan on dragging my sister around to take more of my pictures from now on since she did a fabulous job!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This month I had the opportunity to attend Alpha Phi’s Emerging Leaders Institute at Butler University in Indianapolis. There was a group of 50 of us from all across North America (some even in Canada) who were selected to attend this 5 day institute. I came in not knowing a soul and walked away with 50 new friends. Having opportunities like this one are so dear to my heart because they really help me see Alpha Phi isn’t just for four years!

My music favorites for this month:

California Waiting by Kings of Leon

Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie

Touch and Go by Ed Sheeran

My beauty favorites for this month:

Since I started Accutane this month, it’s been all about skin care for me. I’ve had to revamp my entire skin care routine and I’m loving it so far!!

I’ve been lusting after this month:

Marc Fisher Randall wedges

Chan Luu neck scarf

Double buckle belt

TKEEs gloss in Sweet Smoke


Striped right | How to style an off the shoulder top + what’s in my bag

Posted in Fashion
on 05/10/2017


I’m coming at you live from Baton Rouge (where I am staying this summer). Can I get a heck yeah?!! Lots and lots of new stuff is comin at ya this summer since I’ve got some more time on my hands!

Let’s get into this week’s post. Featuring this little striped number (I am obsessed with off the shoulder tops right now).

striped-right-lgip-1 striped-right-lgip-10 striped-right-lgip-9 striped-right-lgip-8 striped-right-lgip-7 striped-right-lgip-6 striped-right-lgip-5 striped-right-lgip-4 striped-right-lgip-3 striped-right-lgip-2

Off the shoulder tops.

So fun. So flirty. So summery. In my opinion, one of my favorite trends for warmer weather. Here’s how I styled this one (and I’m not wearing my jean shorts so go me!!). These jeans y’all… My absolute favorite pair ever. They’re under $40 and they’ve been to hell and back. Medium wash goes with everything.

No necklace today, in order to show off the neckline of the top. Instead, I chose some hoop earrings.

These platform sneakers (hello espadrille) are my go-to shoe (besides my TKEES this summer). They’re super comfy and the white and rope combo complements any outfit.  Go out and get you a pair! I’m linking mine below (scored them for under $50).


What’s in my bag?

While taking doing blog photo shoots– this girl comes prepared. I fill my purse to the brim with all the quick fixes. When in need of a touch up, I always carry some lipstick or gloss, and mascara. My current favorites are this mascara (tried and true) and this lip balm. A few other essentials are sunglasses (can never bring too many pairs), extra jewelry (I swear I always decide last minute which earrings I want to rock), and my TKEES for when my feet get tired.

Super big shouts to my friend Maddie for the fabulous pictures. Y’all go give her instagram a peek, she is so talented.


Life Lately | April Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 05/03/2017

Howdy friends.

I’m coming to you mid finals week to share my April Life Lately. I’ve been totally off my game lately, but dang there’s just something about the end of the school year that does it to me. Everything goes wayy too fast. April was one heck of a month — spring break and my last few weeks of sophomore year (can I get a WTF).


Maria’s birthday was this month so we celebrated with some Mexican food (always the best way). In classic Maria fashion, a photo shoot had to follow, so here’s the outcome. Honestly my face 99.9% of the time. My fringe top makes an appearance once again, along with my favorite pair of jeans (under $40), and TKEES (I wear these everyday).


Spring break was such a great break from school (even if it was only for a week)!! As I chatted about in my spring break posts (here and here), I went to Sea Brook, SC for the week! We hung around at the beach and took a day trip to Charleston.


Charleston (as I talked about in my most recent post) was life changing! Everything was just so charming. I’ve discovered that I love traveling to historic cities and I seriously hope I can visit there soon. The pops of color on mailboxes, doors and walls stole my heart!


As soon as I got back from Spring break, it was nonstop preparation for finals. In fact, I had a test the day I got back from spring break and a project due that Wednesday (life is rough). As I always say, my agenda can get my through anything and everything. I swear that thing has been glued to my hip since I got back. Lol, it’s seriously my life saver. My motto: write it down!


Our last social event of the semester was this month. The theme was Hangout and we had it at some sand volleyball courts about 20 minutes from LSU. Y’all, it was seriously so fun. I think I went a little too crazy on the hair and makeup. My swimsuit says “Champagne Campaign” and it went perfectly with my cutoffs. For funsies, I wore my tassel choker. I put glitter in my part (so fun) and some jewels on my face. An in-your-face matte pink lip finished off my look!


Embarrassingly enough, I think I have worn these jeans shorts at least 15 days of this month. I just looovve them. Sadly they’re 2 years old, so I don’t have a link for them :-/ But I am on the hunt for a new pair of cutoffs so if ya have recommendations, comment below! I actually made one of my work girlies take the pic of me since I was obsessing over this outfit. My tassel choker and white lace up top was the perfect mix of basic and fun!


In celebration of the end of the year, we went roller skating last week. Oh my gosh y’all, it was so freaking fun. I was a little shaky on the skates (I think the last time I roller skated was probably 7 years ago), but once I got comfortable again I was making laps and doing all sorts of fun stuff! I brought my camera on the rink (risky I know) but I had to capture a roomie pic. I’m gonna miss living with these girlies next year. RIP Coz :-/


FUN BRUNETTE strikes again, haha. Our seniors went out in Tigerland for the last time last week so Catherine and I tagged along! I decided to whip out the Fun brunette shirt, cutoffs (are you surprised) and funky earrings.


My mom, Bruce and I headed to Mobile this past weekend to see my brother in his last game of college baseball (so sad). The weather was awesome but a little windy (hence my crazy hair). I went simplistic with a white tee and cutoffs (see? I’m wearing them again). My huuugge monogram necklace is also making a comeback.

My music favorites for this month:

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes

Papercut by Zedd

Stay (with Alessia Cara) by Zedd

My beauty favorites for this month:

NARS blush in Torrid

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

I’ve been lusting after this month:

I’m shoe espadrille crazy right now, so forgive me.

Espadrille sneaks

Espadrille flats

Espadrille sandals

At this time next week, I’ll be out of school! That means more fun posts to come :-)


Explorin’ Charleston

Posted in Fashion
on 04/19/2017

Happy hump day friends!! This week’s been a hard adjustment getting back to real life. *sigh* Spring Break was just too good to me, y’all. Speaking of, here’s a recap of our time in Charleston. Ugh, if you haven’t visited you need to. The architecture is so beautiful and the food is 100. I hope I can go back soon because I seriously fell in love.

We went exploring and I made sure we headed straight to Rainbow Row to look at the beautiful houses! We strolled along the Battery and then a bit in the “French Quarter” area (paging home) for some market shopping. Dinner was amaze. We went to Stars Bar and Rooftop Grill (I literally felt so adult-like) and it was sooooooo bomb.


This set from Free People has been so fabulous this spring, I think I’ve worn it as separates three or four times. I paired the skirt with this open knit distressed sweater. I have always loved the look of a skirt and sweater so I was dying to recreate it with this set! My pearl on suede cord, MK watch and Jacks rounded out the look.

I’ll be sharing a few more pics from the trip in my Life Lately so stay tuned :-) See y’all next week!


Feelin’ fringy

Posted in Fashion
on 03/08/2017

You guys! You guys!! I cannot believe the moment has come for me… You’re probs wondering what in the heck I’m talking about right? Well, I’m just coming to a  realization I’m getting a lil #edgy with my looks. Platform sneaks, fringe jacket and tank, and some pink shades…. Jeez. I’m too much.

fringe-lgip-1 fringe-lgip-2 fringe-lgip-3 fringe-lgip-4 fringe-lgip-5 fringe-lgip-7 fringe-lgip-8 fringe-lgip-9 fringe-lgip-10fringe-lgip-11 fringe-lgip-12 fringe-lgip-13 fringe-lgip-14 fringe-lgip-15

Photos were taken by Catherine Quant.

I was feeling hella fun when I got dressed. I mean- a fringe tank was enough, but to add a shag jacket on top? I’ve gone crazy… I actually centered this entire look around my new espadrille sneaks (those of you that follow me on Instagram are fully aware I am obsessed with them. I only posted about them about 5 times… so there’s that). They’re so fun and honestly out of my comfort zone. While I was at it, I figured I’d go all out and throw some fringe on too! This tank was another sale rack find and I’d been trying to figure out what to pair it with, but then it hit me.. a jean skirt (obvi)! Since it was chilly, I opted for a shag jacket (another sale rack find wahoo). And y’all these pink Ray Bans are my new favorite thing… they make me feel like Hyde from that 70’s show lol. I thought they went pretty well with this 70’s feeling look!

PS: I just started using Lightroom to edit my blog pictures.. how do y’all like it? I think it’s a lot easier to manipulate photos than on Photoshop. I’m still getting the hang of things, but I’m pleased with my first real round of edits on it!

shop this look