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Life Lately | August edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 09/13/2017

September, I’m coming for ya. So happy to be back in my sweet home with all my pals! August has been the biggest jumble of recruitment, school, and work. I don’t have many pictures from this month but that’s ok! It was the best feeling not being tethered to my phone for the first few weeks of August (aka recruitment). Let’s get into this recap!

My lovely pledge class and I on bid day. These are seriously my favorite humans ever. It’s so depressing that we’re already juniors but I know we are so ready to make this year count! Surrounding myself by these uplifting people daily has had such a crazy impact on my life. Three years ago I would’ve never thought how much Alpha Phi would have an impact on me!

Some more bid day action with my freshman year roomie. Oh, how I miss her, our endless avocado stock, and the amount of times we cried from laughing. It’s the best feeling to know we can still come to each other for anything. RIP Mills, we miss ya.

Boys bid night is like Christmas here at LSU. The entire Greek community goes to Tigerland dressed to the nines for a night full of bar hopping. This year I finally bit the bullet and wore my FAVE fringe top to Tigerland. To be honest, I was so nervous someone would spill on me but I made it out alive (thank you). I’ll link my outfit for y’all incase you wanna recreate (but my top is from last season and now where to be found lol sorry y’all)!

THE TIME HAS COME!! Mar and I finally got to rock our matching burgers and fries tees. I have posted about my fries tee a few times on here but honestly it’s just my favorite. We were “McDonalds” for our exchange. Our matching tees were completed with some happy meals we picked up on the way lol.


My music favorites for this month:

Every Little Thing by Russell Dickerson

Friends by Justin Bieber (I literally listen to this on repeat)

My beauty favorites for this month:

They’re Real Mascara

FIT me foundation (check and see if you used this last month)

Silky blowout spray

I’ve been lusting after this month:

Sam Edelman puff ball sneakers (OMG I CAN’T GET OVER THESE)

Leopard mini wyldr

Free People black lace top


Cheers to September (lol better late than never)!



Life Lately | July Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 08/02/2017

Hey hey, happy August! I’m headed back to school this month and I can’t say I’m mad about it. I absolutely adore being on a set schedule so I’m so pumped to get back into the swing of things! Before I jump into August, I’ll recap my month of July for y’all.


When you’re home and have to make your parents take your insta pics for you >>> It makes me chuckle asking them, but hey #doitforthegram right? This sweater arrived right in time for the fourth (after I had been lusting after it for about 2 months) so of course I had to wear it for two days straight. It’s really comfy and I love it with jean shorts, but I’m sure y’all can catch me styling it in the fall with some flares.


LGIP turned two this July! I wrote an ode to my trials and tribulations over these past two years. Read it here. But on the real y’all, it’s been rough keeping up with everything but I am proud of myself for somehow managing?


When it’s your besties birthday, ya gotta celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. We hosted a lil party in honor of Cara at our apartment and of course I took it upon myself to decorate (Photo Booth and all). Man do I have so much fun getting dressed up and going out with my friends! Anyone with me on this?

So I was bad a few times this month (I’m talking to you ice cream, cookies, and trail mix with 50000 M&Ms in it) but this time was soooooo worth it. Pinkberry dates when I’m home are a must.

Just checking in to say I’m still obsessed with this t-shirt. Yes, you’re reading it correctly, it does say FRIES. And it’s stinking comfy. No shame here. You can 100 percent catch me wearing this one every chance I get.

When I have the chance to head to NOLA to see my bestie, I gotta take it! It had literally been forever since we had been able to see each other so we had the best time catching up and gossiping (as always) :-)

Our family beach trip this year was this week/last weekend but sadly I could only stay for two days. I was in my happy place sitting on the beach reading a nice book. This one piece is so fun and I love wearing it whenever I get the chance (which is rare).


My music favorites for this month:

Birthday by Kings of Leon

(Nice to meet you) Anyway by Gavin DeGraw (an old BOP. Listen and you’ll love it.)

How not to by Dan + Shay

The Fighter by Keith Urban

My beauty favorites for this month:

I seemed to run out of half the products I own this month, so I went a little crazy on my Ulta run. I’m loving these drugstore gems currently.

I’ve been lusting after this month:

Superga platforms (I am dying for these… they’ll be the perfect class shoe and they’re under 100! Too good to be true.)

Free People cropped jeans (Bout to hop on this train with a little apprehension, but nonetheless they’ll be so fun for fall.)

Free People thermal (Once again, another find for class. Can you tell I’m ready to go back?)

Kendra Scott earrings (Got these in my RocksBox and I swear I wear them at least 4 times a week. They’re the best.)


Cheers to August!


Life Lately | June edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 07/06/2017

Happy July pals! I took a quick break last week due to a lack of sleep and inspiration. I thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a little recap of June.


Brunch babes. Maria and I had a fabulous brunch with her family at Galatoire’s in BR. I got the eggs Benedict…. sooo yum. My set is from Free People (I’ve talked about it a few times on the blog before and its now ON SALE for $40 from Nordstrom Rack) and I love pairing it with these platforms.

life-lately-2-lgipOk y’all, so there’s this new poke place in BR and it’s totally amazing. I’ve been twice in the past two weeks!! This poke bowl was called wild salmon and it was topped with mangos, avocados, cucumbers, and some sort of special sauce.


So my MuMu obsession has gone full blown crazy this month. I’ve been scouring the sales and have even managed to score a few items. My white jeans and TKEEs have been among other necessities for me this month. You can get my outfit details in this post.


My cousin’s engagement party was this month and for me, it was a chance to get dressed up and hang with some family! I wore this two piece set with my fave platforms (again).


My fave platforms (yes, I talk about these too much). Shop them here.


Brunchin round two. This time in NOLA at Willa Jean. I got the Hangover bowl and it was filled with goodness. My dress is vintage MuMu and it def hid my food baby that day.


My music favorites for this month:

I’ve been all over the place with my music taste this month.

Remember I Told you by Nick Jonas

Honest by Shawn Mendes

Fearless by Taylor Swift (I listen every single day… no joke)

I’ve been lusting after this month:




Life Lately | May Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 05/31/2017

Happy almost June!

Here’s to another Life Lately and being one month closer to going back to school in August (so sad but happy at the same time)! This month was extremely boring. All I did was work all day, come home, make some dinner and watch a movie… so not much is goin on over here! I’ll try to sum up some of the *fun* things I did this month (they were scarce). Here goes!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

RIP sophomore year. If you’re in the sentimental mood, you can read my sophomore year recap post here.   It was the end of a true era y’all.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After getting out of school, I headed to NOLA for Kings of Leon. They played at Jazz Fest and man were they amazing. I swear they sounded better live than on their CDs. My sister and I met up with some of our high school friends and our family so we had the best time!! It was hot as Hades so I wore jean shorts (surprised?) and a tank with a neck scarf (my fave accessory)!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Happy Momma’s Day to my beautiful Momma! The day was super chill — we chowed and hung out with family all day! I wore a romper and my fun earrings for church in the morning and ended up staying in it the rest of the day (it was super comfy).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This summer I’ve gotten into a daily routine of coffee and a bagel every morning (I feel old saying that). That little bit of me time is seriously the best. It gets even better when I have some minutes to flip through a magazine.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is the product of my roomie Maria and I having an impromptu photo shoot outside of our apartment, lol. I love jean shorts (what’s new) so I’m experimenting trying to see how many different ways I can style them. So here’s one…

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Ah the classic overalls pic. I think this was one of my most daring outfits to date (honestly it’s not too daring, I’m just boring) so I had such a blast shooting it! You can check out the post here! I definitely plan on dragging my sister around to take more of my pictures from now on since she did a fabulous job!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This month I had the opportunity to attend Alpha Phi’s Emerging Leaders Institute at Butler University in Indianapolis. There was a group of 50 of us from all across North America (some even in Canada) who were selected to attend this 5 day institute. I came in not knowing a soul and walked away with 50 new friends. Having opportunities like this one are so dear to my heart because they really help me see Alpha Phi isn’t just for four years!

My music favorites for this month:

California Waiting by Kings of Leon

Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie

Touch and Go by Ed Sheeran

My beauty favorites for this month:

Since I started Accutane this month, it’s been all about skin care for me. I’ve had to revamp my entire skin care routine and I’m loving it so far!!

I’ve been lusting after this month:

Marc Fisher Randall wedges

Chan Luu neck scarf

Double buckle belt

TKEEs gloss in Sweet Smoke


An ode to sophomore year | LGIP Blabbers

Posted in Lifestyle
on 05/17/2017

I always dread the end of the year. Saying goodbye to Baton Rouge, my friends, and all LSU’s little quirks (I’m talking to you traffic, Tigerland, hella good food) just makes me sad. V descriptive of me, I know lol. I thought I could take a hot minute to do a little soul searching/reflection on my sophomore year of college (peep my freshmen year post for reference).


Same pose, different year.

I had the privilege of living in my sorority’s chapter house overlooking the LSU lakes, and let me just say I think it’s become one of my favorite places in the world. Having 52 other roommates had its ups and downs, but man did we have the best freakin time. There was always someone awake to study with, watch chick flicks (10 things I hate about you became our favorite movie of all time), or go grab some late night snacks too (lol that happened way too much). How lucky am I to have been able to share so many memories with such a fabulous group of gals and even more lucky to be able to call our chapter house home for another year! If you ever have the opportunity to live in the house, do it. There’s plenty of time (the rest of your life) to live in houses and apartments, but to live with 52 other girls — there’s only one time and place for that!

School beat me up a little bit, but as I said last year I have gotten so much affirmation that I am in the field I love. Getting a job at Hemline and starting to gain valuable experience was one of the best things I have done thus far. I also think I finally figured out how to study for tests lol. In high school I didn’t have the best study skills, but once I got to LSU I knew I needed to gain some. After taking some challenging classes this year (@Econ @Costume history) and coming out with good grades, it feels like I finally got it down.

Much like freshman year, I learned life is about balance. Having to juggle school, a job, and Alpha Phi made my life nonstop chaos, but that’s the way I like it. Having limited free time for homework and studying actually makes me get focused much faster. I mean, I was constantly running from one thing to the next, but I would rather be busy making choices that will aid me in the future than hanging around watching Netflix all day every day. The key to balance: my planner, alarm clock, too much coffee, and a mimosa every so often (hah!).

As another school year has come and gone and I am still single I just can’t help but laugh. The words “where is my man?” have come out of my mouth too many times to count this year! Boys will come and go, but the girlies are forever (I’ll be living by that for the rest of my days). Maybe next year I’ll actually find a man but until then catch me on the couch watching corny rom-coms with the gals.

Some miscellaneous musings…

I also learned I like t-shirts and jeans a little too much.

I’m really really bad at checking/replying to texts.

Having a 17 year old car is awesome because it teaches you way too many life lessons (how to jump start a car, put coolant in it, fill it up with gas too often, go without heat etc).

LSU parking is my least favorite thing on this planet.

It’s never too late to make new friends.

I needed to step out of my comfort zone (and I honestly still do). This was probably one of the hardest things to learn this year. There’s only so much fun in playing it safe!

Shout out to y’all for sticking with me (as weird as I am) for another school year. I do not want to accept the fact that I’m growing up so quickly!!



Life Lately | April Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 05/03/2017

Howdy friends.

I’m coming to you mid finals week to share my April Life Lately. I’ve been totally off my game lately, but dang there’s just something about the end of the school year that does it to me. Everything goes wayy too fast. April was one heck of a month — spring break and my last few weeks of sophomore year (can I get a WTF).


Maria’s birthday was this month so we celebrated with some Mexican food (always the best way). In classic Maria fashion, a photo shoot had to follow, so here’s the outcome. Honestly my face 99.9% of the time. My fringe top makes an appearance once again, along with my favorite pair of jeans (under $40), and TKEES (I wear these everyday).


Spring break was such a great break from school (even if it was only for a week)!! As I chatted about in my spring break posts (here and here), I went to Sea Brook, SC for the week! We hung around at the beach and took a day trip to Charleston.


Charleston (as I talked about in my most recent post) was life changing! Everything was just so charming. I’ve discovered that I love traveling to historic cities and I seriously hope I can visit there soon. The pops of color on mailboxes, doors and walls stole my heart!


As soon as I got back from Spring break, it was nonstop preparation for finals. In fact, I had a test the day I got back from spring break and a project due that Wednesday (life is rough). As I always say, my agenda can get my through anything and everything. I swear that thing has been glued to my hip since I got back. Lol, it’s seriously my life saver. My motto: write it down!


Our last social event of the semester was this month. The theme was Hangout and we had it at some sand volleyball courts about 20 minutes from LSU. Y’all, it was seriously so fun. I think I went a little too crazy on the hair and makeup. My swimsuit says “Champagne Campaign” and it went perfectly with my cutoffs. For funsies, I wore my tassel choker. I put glitter in my part (so fun) and some jewels on my face. An in-your-face matte pink lip finished off my look!


Embarrassingly enough, I think I have worn these jeans shorts at least 15 days of this month. I just looovve them. Sadly they’re 2 years old, so I don’t have a link for them :-/ But I am on the hunt for a new pair of cutoffs so if ya have recommendations, comment below! I actually made one of my work girlies take the pic of me since I was obsessing over this outfit. My tassel choker and white lace up top was the perfect mix of basic and fun!


In celebration of the end of the year, we went roller skating last week. Oh my gosh y’all, it was so freaking fun. I was a little shaky on the skates (I think the last time I roller skated was probably 7 years ago), but once I got comfortable again I was making laps and doing all sorts of fun stuff! I brought my camera on the rink (risky I know) but I had to capture a roomie pic. I’m gonna miss living with these girlies next year. RIP Coz :-/


FUN BRUNETTE strikes again, haha. Our seniors went out in Tigerland for the last time last week so Catherine and I tagged along! I decided to whip out the Fun brunette shirt, cutoffs (are you surprised) and funky earrings.


My mom, Bruce and I headed to Mobile this past weekend to see my brother in his last game of college baseball (so sad). The weather was awesome but a little windy (hence my crazy hair). I went simplistic with a white tee and cutoffs (see? I’m wearing them again). My huuugge monogram necklace is also making a comeback.

My music favorites for this month:

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes

Papercut by Zedd

Stay (with Alessia Cara) by Zedd

My beauty favorites for this month:

NARS blush in Torrid

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

I’ve been lusting after this month:

I’m shoe espadrille crazy right now, so forgive me.

Espadrille sneaks

Espadrille flats

Espadrille sandals

At this time next week, I’ll be out of school! That means more fun posts to come :-)


Explorin’ Charleston

Posted in Fashion
on 04/19/2017

Happy hump day friends!! This week’s been a hard adjustment getting back to real life. *sigh* Spring Break was just too good to me, y’all. Speaking of, here’s a recap of our time in Charleston. Ugh, if you haven’t visited you need to. The architecture is so beautiful and the food is 100. I hope I can go back soon because I seriously fell in love.

We went exploring and I made sure we headed straight to Rainbow Row to look at the beautiful houses! We strolled along the Battery and then a bit in the “French Quarter” area (paging home) for some market shopping. Dinner was amaze. We went to Stars Bar and Rooftop Grill (I literally felt so adult-like) and it was sooooooo bomb.


This set from Free People has been so fabulous this spring, I think I’ve worn it as separates three or four times. I paired the skirt with this open knit distressed sweater. I have always loved the look of a skirt and sweater so I was dying to recreate it with this set! My pearl on suede cord, MK watch and Jacks rounded out the look.

I’ll be sharing a few more pics from the trip in my Life Lately so stay tuned :-) See y’all next week!


Life lately | March edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 04/13/2017

Wellll I assumed it was better late than never to get my March Life Lately up. So here goes nothin. :-)

I love when I can actually have a lazy Sunday; it seriously makes my week so much better. Flipping through a magazine and jamming to Ed Sheeran’s album makes for the perfect day.

 Are y’all tired of me talking about this fringe top yet? I swear this is last time for a while… But I’m just so in love with it. Such a risky purchase on my part, but I’ve been longing to stray from my basics tees and tanks.

Honestly, we all need a little motivation sometimes! I’ve been getting my monthly dose from my planner. Each month’s got a cute illustration/quote — they make the perfect insta pics.

I’m a firm believer that all you need in life is a good taco!! Life is better when ya have a lil Mexican food in ya. I always love grabbing some tacos to satisfy my craving!

Our chapter’s annual Red Dress Gala was this month! I ended up rocking my dress from last year since time crept up on me this year so I wasn’t able to buy a new one. My Dad came to support me and we had a fab time hanging out with my gals and their parents.

Since our Red Dress Gala was this month, we ended up making a family weekend out of it! Sunday was a mom’s tea and pop-up shop event. I had to work the Hemline pop-up so my lovely Momma (who was the best sport) came to help me. We caught up over some lunch after, making it an overall chill Sunday.

Songfest (an LSU signature Greek Life event) was at the end of this month. I was so so sad I wasn’t in it this year, but I had to go to support my girls! We came armed with low sticks and signs galore. Hard work paid off and our girls won third place!!

Here’s an outfit of the day pre Songfest. I’ve found myself doing adult things on Sundays lately, so cute clothes have been needed lol. I styled my OTS top (part of my new FP set) with some white flares (did I mention how excited I am that they’re back??) and my TKEES. Shoutout to my pal LJ for the fringe hoops!


My music favorites for this month:

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here by Ed Sheehan

Rock City by Kings of Leon

All my Love by the Beatles

I’m linking my best playlist for y’all here.

My beauty favorites for this month:

Two Faced Born This Way foundation

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Philosophy Purity Made Simple


I’ve been lusting after this month:

TKEES in Sweet smoke (gloss)

Tie front tops

Quay sunnies