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5 NYE outfit ideas you have to try

Posted in Fashion
on 12/29/2017

Hello hello my friends! Hope y’all had a great Christmas and will have an even better new year! I for one, cannot freaking fathom how 2018 is just around the corner. I’ll most likely be curled up on the couch with my dog watching a movie with some champs, but for those of you going out, I know how stressful NYE outfits can be. You want glitz, but not too much glitter, fun, but not something too over the top… I feel you on finding that balance. So I’m share with y’all my secret.

My go to for any party outfit goes as follows…

statement piece + basic = PARTYPARTYPARTY


black turtleneck // fringe skirt (similar) // chunky heel (THESE ARE AMAZING)

It’s no secret I am obsessed with my black turtleneck haha. I’ve featured it on another recent post too. I just love how chic it is paired with a skirt. So bottom line, go get yourself one (you will never put it down). How amazing is this fringe skirt? I found it at our last call Dillards this summer and got such a great deal on it! I thought the black on black was “dressy” enough for NYE but also super comfortable and at least a lil bit warm.

Here’s a few ideas for y’all if you’re not into the fringe skirt + turtleneck combo. I tried to have a look for any NYE plans (house party, going out, freezing temps, warm temps… you get it).

I would so do (1) black culottes (I am about to buy bc #obsessed), fun top, chunky heel for something more dressy. If it’s warm where ya are (2) a black jean skirt with a fun statement belt, chunky sweater, booties would be so casual chic. For those who wanna be a lil flashy do a (3) sequin top, black flares, chunky heel. You can always do that “classic” NYE look with (4) a fun dress with a fur jacket. If you’re a romper gal, do (5) a basic romper with some statement jewelry — earrings, necklaces, bracelets really just whatever you like best.

Y’all let me know what your plans are below! Are you going out or staying in?

catch ya on the flip (aka 2018)


Black, leopard and a little bit of patent leather | Dressing for a Southern Winter

Posted in Fashion
on 11/22/2017

IT’S BEEN A LONG 21 DAYS SINCE I’VE LAST POSTED, Y’ALL. To be honest, those few weeks have been some of the hardest times of this year. But hey, I am back! Thank you lord for Thanksgiving break, although it may only be two days for me when I factor in my work schedule. Nonetheless, I am thankful to have some sort of break. The end of the school year is coming WAAYY too fast.

Let’s dive into this post — featuring a super simple, super chic neutral look. It’s so perfect for the Louisiana “winters” we have (cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon).

turtleneck // leopard mini // black crossbody bag (same style, different print) // cabby hat // patent leather booties

Black and leopard… WHAT A COMBO. I picked up this skirt from work a few weeks ago but I was saving it for a black turtleneck. I finally found this one at Brandy Melville while I was in NYC. I threw these patent leather booties on to lighten up the look! Neutrals are my jam always. I am so happy leopard is coming back into style cause man I was missing it from my 2005 days.

I took a few pictures with my cabby hat (which I get so nervous to rock) to show y’all how to edge it up a bit. These are absolutely everywhere (thank you Niall Horan for bringing this trend BACK) and I am starting to like hats? Never thought I would say that haha.

get the look

On a side note: peep my hair. Goodness gracious, it’s looking rough. That half and half thing? Not digging it. Bought myself some hair dye today so I’ll report back tomorrow with the results. Wish me luck!


xo, Madison

Life Lately | July Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 08/02/2017

Hey hey, happy August! I’m headed back to school this month and I can’t say I’m mad about it. I absolutely adore being on a set schedule so I’m so pumped to get back into the swing of things! Before I jump into August, I’ll recap my month of July for y’all.


When you’re home and have to make your parents take your insta pics for you >>> It makes me chuckle asking them, but hey #doitforthegram right? This sweater arrived right in time for the fourth (after I had been lusting after it for about 2 months) so of course I had to wear it for two days straight. It’s really comfy and I love it with jean shorts, but I’m sure y’all can catch me styling it in the fall with some flares.


LGIP turned two this July! I wrote an ode to my trials and tribulations over these past two years. Read it here. But on the real y’all, it’s been rough keeping up with everything but I am proud of myself for somehow managing?


When it’s your besties birthday, ya gotta celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. We hosted a lil party in honor of Cara at our apartment and of course I took it upon myself to decorate (Photo Booth and all). Man do I have so much fun getting dressed up and going out with my friends! Anyone with me on this?

So I was bad a few times this month (I’m talking to you ice cream, cookies, and trail mix with 50000 M&Ms in it) but this time was soooooo worth it. Pinkberry dates when I’m home are a must.

Just checking in to say I’m still obsessed with this t-shirt. Yes, you’re reading it correctly, it does say FRIES. And it’s stinking comfy. No shame here. You can 100 percent catch me wearing this one every chance I get.

When I have the chance to head to NOLA to see my bestie, I gotta take it! It had literally been forever since we had been able to see each other so we had the best time catching up and gossiping (as always) :-)

Our family beach trip this year was this week/last weekend but sadly I could only stay for two days. I was in my happy place sitting on the beach reading a nice book. This one piece is so fun and I love wearing it whenever I get the chance (which is rare).


My music favorites for this month:

Birthday by Kings of Leon

(Nice to meet you) Anyway by Gavin DeGraw (an old BOP. Listen and you’ll love it.)

How not to by Dan + Shay

The Fighter by Keith Urban

My beauty favorites for this month:

I seemed to run out of half the products I own this month, so I went a little crazy on my Ulta run. I’m loving these drugstore gems currently.

I’ve been lusting after this month:

Superga platforms (I am dying for these… they’ll be the perfect class shoe and they’re under 100! Too good to be true.)

Free People cropped jeans (Bout to hop on this train with a little apprehension, but nonetheless they’ll be so fun for fall.)

Free People thermal (Once again, another find for class. Can you tell I’m ready to go back?)

Kendra Scott earrings (Got these in my RocksBox and I swear I wear them at least 4 times a week. They’re the best.)


Cheers to August!


Life lately | March edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 04/13/2017

Wellll I assumed it was better late than never to get my March Life Lately up. So here goes nothin. :-)

I love when I can actually have a lazy Sunday; it seriously makes my week so much better. Flipping through a magazine and jamming to Ed Sheeran’s album makes for the perfect day.

 Are y’all tired of me talking about this fringe top yet? I swear this is last time for a while… But I’m just so in love with it. Such a risky purchase on my part, but I’ve been longing to stray from my basics tees and tanks.

Honestly, we all need a little motivation sometimes! I’ve been getting my monthly dose from my planner. Each month’s got a cute illustration/quote — they make the perfect insta pics.

I’m a firm believer that all you need in life is a good taco!! Life is better when ya have a lil Mexican food in ya. I always love grabbing some tacos to satisfy my craving!

Our chapter’s annual Red Dress Gala was this month! I ended up rocking my dress from last year since time crept up on me this year so I wasn’t able to buy a new one. My Dad came to support me and we had a fab time hanging out with my gals and their parents.

Since our Red Dress Gala was this month, we ended up making a family weekend out of it! Sunday was a mom’s tea and pop-up shop event. I had to work the Hemline pop-up so my lovely Momma (who was the best sport) came to help me. We caught up over some lunch after, making it an overall chill Sunday.

Songfest (an LSU signature Greek Life event) was at the end of this month. I was so so sad I wasn’t in it this year, but I had to go to support my girls! We came armed with low sticks and signs galore. Hard work paid off and our girls won third place!!

Here’s an outfit of the day pre Songfest. I’ve found myself doing adult things on Sundays lately, so cute clothes have been needed lol. I styled my OTS top (part of my new FP set) with some white flares (did I mention how excited I am that they’re back??) and my TKEES. Shoutout to my pal LJ for the fringe hoops!


My music favorites for this month:

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here by Ed Sheehan

Rock City by Kings of Leon

All my Love by the Beatles

I’m linking my best playlist for y’all here.

My beauty favorites for this month:

Two Faced Born This Way foundation

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Philosophy Purity Made Simple


I’ve been lusting after this month:

TKEES in Sweet smoke (gloss)

Tie front tops

Quay sunnies



Life Lately | September Edition

Posted in Uncategorized
on 10/09/2016

October here I come! September was mostly me getting back into the swing of things with school and such, so not too many exciting things happened.. (oops!) I will say that you can expect less lifestyle sort of posts from me from now on — I’m aiming to post more fashion related things on LGIP now. With that being said, let’s get on with it!


Oh, what a night this was… Known as none other than Boys Bid Night (aka LSU Greek Life’s favorite night of the year). Our new members came to join us in getting dressed up + having the first night of fun with their new sissies!


Gameday is back + better than ever!! I’ve struggled each weekend finding an outfit considering I own nothing purple or gold. It’s been hot as hades for each game so far, so jeans have not been an option for me. I’m awaiting the cooler weather as patiently as possible.


If you haven’t read my most recent post, go ahead and click here! My pledge class + I got our littles this month! We had such a fantastic time crafting for them + reveal was the icing on the cake! In all honestly, I was totally suffocating being wrapped up in this get up for twenty long minutes.


Fall Grub was a success!! The theme was ESPhiN, so pretty much anything sports-related went! My date and I went as Tom Brady + Gisele, so I donned a VS robe for the night! Creativity levels were at an all time high that night as I saw some corn dogs (LSU fans are known as corn dogs, so we love to poke fun at it), field goals, famous basketball players, football players + a few WAGS.


We had our very first Taco night in our new house this month! All of the proceeds go to the Alpha Phi Foundation, and we opened our beautiful new home up and served some tacos. These Alpha Phi baseball tees are my favorite shirt from this year so far!! It goes great with some jean shorts, athletic shorts, or yoga pants!


If you follow me on my personal Instagram, or just know me in real life, you would know my unfailing love for One Direction. Niall’s new song is the sweetest thing I’ve ever listened to and I swear to y’all, I actually cried while listening to it #noshame.

See, I told y’all my September was boring… I can’t wait for y’all see some new fashion posts coming to LGIP this month!!


Styling white jeans at the end of the summer like a pro

Posted in Fashion
on 08/21/2016


Y’ALLLLLLLLLLL OH MY GOODNESS. I’m so in love with this simple outfit, I HAD to share! For my big’s birthday dinner and a night out, I decided to pair my fave pair of jeans, these white flares from AOS, with this colorful printed Show me your MuMu top. White jeans have quickly become one of my favorite pieces to wear this summer. Y’all know that taboo about wearing white after labor day? I think that’s total craziness! White jeans can really go into any time of year. For the end of summer, I love pairing them with a pop of color on the top for some contrast. If y’all have been following along with me lately, you would know I also have been head over heels for chokers of any sort. This black choker is actually a thin piece of ribbon from the craft store double wrapped and tied into a bow. To avoid the dragging of these amazing jeans on the floor, I opted to wear my OTBT Bushnells (my all time fave shoe).

Here’s my foolproof formula to rock any pair of white jeans like a pro:

White jeans + a patterned top

Do y’all love the white jean trend as much as I do (cause I’m obsessed)?

white jean details


On my radar

Posted in Lifestyle
on 08/17/2016


rodan + fields unblemish line // nyx soft matte lip cream in twerp // sally hansen airbrush legs // dolce vita for target zoey chunky lace up heels // nyx hd finishing powder // large agenda

IT’S BEEN TOO LONG, MY PEOPLE. To make a long story short: I moved back to LSU (can I get a heck yeah?!), started recruitment, but a massive flood hit us hard so recruitment has gotten moved back a week… I’m off silence (technically) as of right now so here’s a lil post for y’all!

As of late, I’ve been experimenting around with acne products + Catherine (my roomie) introduced me to this line, Rodan + fields. So far, I’m enjoying the multi-step routine a lot! Topical products normally take at least 4 weeks start seeing results, so I’m planning to use this Unblemish line while I wait to start my first round of Accutane ever (eeeeek)!

NYX has been a home run for me recently with all their products, especially the HD finishing powder, which I’ve been using to bake my under eye concealer (it ROCKS), and the Soft matte lip cream (beautiful matte finish and great staying power).

Being back at school, I have to say I’ve gotten lazy with my regular self tanning routine… My bad lol. If I’m going out and want my legs to look good, I’ll use this Sally hansen leg makeup. It adds some color to my legs as well as evening them out and making them look amazing!

If y’all have been following me for the past few months, you would know I’ve been HEAD OVER HEELS for any lace up shoe by Dolce Vita. Visiting my local target a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Dolce Vita for target line. While hyper ventilating, I snagged a pair of these lace up chunky heeled shoes. Paired with jeans or even a simple romper/dress they add so much interest and contrast (since they’re black). I haven’t quite broken them in yet, but I’m sure once I have they will be the perfect going out shoes!

In reference to my previous agenda post, I decided to order this agenda! The size is perfect and I am so pleased with all it’s quirky + cute sayings in the inside. I would recommend!

Do y’all have anything that’s been on your radar lately you want to share? Leave me a comment below!

currently loving


An ode to freshman year | LGIP Blabbers

Posted in Lifestyle
on 05/10/2016


Honestly, I dreaded writing this post because it would mean that it’s over. My freshman year of college is over. As depressed as it makes me, I absolutely cannot wait to experience what the rest of my three years at LSU holds for me. Freshman year was one hell of a ride. To take in every single moment would literally make this blog post go on for years on end :) So, I’ll save y’all some trouble and recap it in a few words.

Living on campus at LSU was ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF. I met so many friends from living in the 7 floor shack known as Miller, or the Miller Mansion. It was the classic all girls dorm — old, loud, and dirty (not surprised that over 600 can’t clean up after themselves). My roomie, Olive,  who has been featured on the blog and I were complete randoms and things could not have worked out any better. Olive, if you’re reading this please know I am hella thankful that we somehow found each other. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have had a shoulder to cry on, someone to eat with me at any hour of the day, a ride home from TL, or a second opinion on every outfit and every boy. Forever #535!

Recruitment was honestly something I had always assumed I would be partaking in, and I sure am glad about that. Rushing Alpha Phi, as corny as it sounds, has been one of best things to ever happen to me. I have met lifelong friends, mentors and I’ve become a more passionate leader. To my home away from home, I thank you for giving me memories to last a lifetime. I am so humbled to be able to take a part in something bigger than myself. Getting involved in Alpha Phi from the get-go was so instrumental in my wanting to run for executive board. I currently serve my chapter as our Director of Finance (aka Treasurer aka M-Money as I wish I was called lol) and while the job is a very large responsibility, I have such an amazing time giving back to Alpha Phi what it has given me in this short time I have been a member. I hope to continue to serve my chapter as a member of our executive board and hopefully when I graduate, apply to be an ELC. If you have the chance to rush, I would 10/10 recommend it.

Starting freshman year, I was so nervous about the leap from high school classes (even though I had taken some dual credit and AP courses in high school) to college ones. Going in, I had about 27 credit hours which got a lot of my basic classes out of the way. Second semester I was able to take major classes, and they have me really excited for future classes. I have decided to add a minor in Theatre to my college career, to complete my major in Fashion Merchandising and other minor in Business. I really enjoy school because it is challenging (Accounting killed me but thankfully I finished with a B- #blessed), and next semester should be interesting since I’ll be in some more major classes as well as some minor classes too! The course load in college definitely requires effort, but I think the jump is doable if you come with a good work ethic. I quickly learned I had to form good study habits, and learn the ropes of the library (club Mid) in order to be successful at LSU.

A huuugggeee part of LSU is gamedays/going out, and as much as I focus on my academics, I love a fun night out or gameday as much as any other LSU student. Tiger land is unlike anything I had ever seen before coming to LSU. Who knew that a run down group of bars would hold some of my favorite memories from freshman year? There is ALWAYS something to do at LSU whether it be a night out, gameday, fraternity party, or philanthropy event. Getting ready to go out is always such a fun time because I spent my days in norts and t-shirts so I loved getting dressed up to show people I don’t always look like a homeless sorority girl (lol). Gamedays never failed to be a literal shiz show. The gameday culture at LSU is a tradition I was so excited to be able to experience. I wrote one post a little bit about it here. The pride that comes with being an LSU fan is indescribable. Gameday really sealed the deal for me, confirming that LSU is where I am supposed to be.

I have learned a lot about myself this first year of college. I am more passionate about leading than I ever have been before. I’ve learned not to take anything too seriously. I’ve learned to cherish the moment because college only happens once and it will be the best four years of your life. I’ve learned not to let boys ruin my day. I’ve learned to talk to anyone you can — they could end up being your best friends. I’ve learned that the friendships that matter can withstand the test of anything. I’ve learned to take my studies seriously, but not to be afraid to have a fun night out. I’ve learned how to juggle school, sorority, and a social life. I’ve learned that I just gotta keep doing me and things will fall into place (with hard work and determination of course).

Freshman year, you’ll live on forever in my heart. I’ll never forget the growth I’ve experienced this year — whether it was the lifelong sisters and friends I’ve made, the solidity that the career I have chosen is for me, or just the general mantra that life will go on.

With all that being said, GEAUX TIGERS! Forever LSU!


(aka the crazy loud girl who somehow manages to look like she has it mildly together but is running at a million miles an hour in her head — it’s an odd balance, don’t know how I do it)

PS: Thanks for sticking with me through my freshman year of college, I love y’all to the moon and back for it!