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Striped sets + my movie marathon list

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle
on 02/21/2019

The weather lately has been the biggest drag. It’s been rainy and chilly, which is a combination I’m not a fan of. It makes me wanna curl up with a good movie and never ever leave. Anyone feel me on this? I swear I could do that every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it! A girls gotta Netflix and binge you know!

sweatshirt // shorts

Speaking of curling up in bed with a good movie, there’s nothing that’s more comfy to do it in than a matching set. If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you know that I am a SUCKER for a matching set. There’s just something so extra about it, but I love it too much. I picked up this set a few weeks ago and it has not left my body for very long. I am looooving the muted stripes and the colors are just so fun and springy! Plus you can definitely wear it out! Grocery shopping? Errands? Coffee? Casual lunch? You need for all of the above. Comfy, cute, and matching – nothin better.

I’ll go ahead and put a few of my other favorite matching sets below for y’all! Hop on the bandwagon with me :-)

If you know me, you know I watch ALOT of TV. Really, I do! I would consider myself a connoisseur of romantic comedies. I’ve pretty much seen almost of all them on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon… is that something to celebrate? Idk honestly but I’ll take it! I guess it comes in handy sometimes… and now is one of those cases. I put together a huuuuge list of all my favorite rom-coms from the 80s to now. If you ever need a movie, or 11, to watch- just come here. Screenshot this list and check em all off! You’ll be much more prone to think your life is a movie (I know I do- it’s a character flaw).


A Cinderella Story // He’s Just Not That Into You // 10 Things I Hate About You // She’s All That // Drive Me Crazy

You’ve Got Mail // 13 Going on 30 // Two Weeks Notice // Stuck in Love // Yours Mine and Ours // Pretty Woman

 Pretty in Pink // Can’t Buy Me Love // Legally Blonde // My Big Fat Greek Wedding // She’s The Man // 27 Dresses

Easy A // Bride Wars // Bridesmaids // Crazy, Stupid, Love // Princess Diaries (1 & 2) // White Christmas // Hairspray

Baby Mama // Mamma Mia // To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before // Almost Famous // Parent Trap // Lizzie McGuire Movie

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants // Aquamarine // High School Muscial (ALL 3 OBVI) // Pitch Perfect (1 only)

Friends with Benefits // No Strings Attached // Lady Bird // Breakfast at Tiffany’s // Bring It On // La La Land // Grease

The Devil Wears Prada // While You Were Sleeping // Never Been Kissed // Love Actually // Clueless // Trainwreck

When Harry Met Sally // The Proposal


PLEASE WATCH SOME MOVIES THIS WEEKEND IN MY NAME! DM me any you think I should add to the list :)

5 NYE outfit ideas you have to try

Posted in Fashion
on 12/29/2017

Hello hello my friends! Hope y’all had a great Christmas and will have an even better new year! I for one, cannot freaking fathom how 2018 is just around the corner. I’ll most likely be curled up on the couch with my dog watching a movie with some champs, but for those of you going out, I know how stressful NYE outfits can be. You want glitz, but not too much glitter, fun, but not something too over the top… I feel you on finding that balance. So I’m share with y’all my secret.

My go to for any party outfit goes as follows…

statement piece + basic = PARTYPARTYPARTY


black turtleneck // fringe skirt (similar) // chunky heel (THESE ARE AMAZING)

It’s no secret I am obsessed with my black turtleneck haha. I’ve featured it on another recent post too. I just love how chic it is paired with a skirt. So bottom line, go get yourself one (you will never put it down). How amazing is this fringe skirt? I found it at our last call Dillards this summer and got such a great deal on it! I thought the black on black was “dressy” enough for NYE but also super comfortable and at least a lil bit warm.

Here’s a few ideas for y’all if you’re not into the fringe skirt + turtleneck combo. I tried to have a look for any NYE plans (house party, going out, freezing temps, warm temps… you get it).

I would so do (1) black culottes (I am about to buy bc #obsessed), fun top, chunky heel for something more dressy. If it’s warm where ya are (2) a black jean skirt with a fun statement belt, chunky sweater, booties would be so casual chic. For those who wanna be a lil flashy do a (3) sequin top, black flares, chunky heel. You can always do that “classic” NYE look with (4) a fun dress with a fur jacket. If you’re a romper gal, do (5) a basic romper with some statement jewelry — earrings, necklaces, bracelets really just whatever you like best.

Y’all let me know what your plans are below! Are you going out or staying in?

catch ya on the flip (aka 2018)


Life Lately | December edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 01/04/2017

Happy 2017! What the heck.. Can’t even believe I’m saying that. But before I can dive into all that is the new year, I’ll go ahead and recap my month of December. It was a great one, full of lots of work + a little play.


Merry Christmas from Alpha Phi! Our annual Christmas party was at the very end of November, + it was nothing short of a great time. I honestly had no clue what to wear, so I cut a bright green tee + laced some ribbon through the front. I added a bandana tied into a neck scarf (I’m thinking about bringing this trend back.. opinions?) + my Hunter boots for a Christmas themed OOTD.


Hi my name is Madison + I am a coke addict. In an attempt to stop drinking so much coke, I’ve taken up La Criox. This summer I drank La Croix constantly + now that I am home, I’ve started again. I loooove the carbonation of it + there are quite a few flavors to pick from! It’s helped me curb that coke craving pretty well.


Christmas this year was a super laid back day. We sipped on sangria, watched some football + a little White Christmas (one of my favorite Christmas movies), as well as ate a delish dinner. I styled my Adidas superstars with this adorable Free People shift dress. I unpacked it at work and minutes later I has swiped my credit card… Can you say compulsive shopper?


This faux leather number is such a fun piece for day or night. I styled in a blog post here. Cognac is a great color to transition from fall to winter + winter to spring.


Baton Rouge’s weather has been oddly warm, which was super disappointing during the holidays. I’ve been dressing for this warmth with light sweaters, jeans, and skirts. This sweater is a great oversized one, + I loved the look when paired with my black mini (similar)!


As a bargain hunter, I was extremely pleased with the amount of sales this After Christmas season! I ended up picking up a few basics the other day, but I’m hoping I can add a few more fun items to my closet (it’s in need of some new clothes stat)!


The holidays are for spending time with family + that’s exactly what I did. We had a fam pizza making night, complete with 9 different types of pizza (aka my heaven). Ahh, I’m drooling thinking back on it.


Hands down my new fave shoe. I swear I’ll find a way to make then go with everything I own. Comfort + style, it cannot get better. I’m doing a sneaker styling post next week so stay tuned!


My music favorites for this month:

My music taste has slowly evolved into such a mix of oldies, pop, country + and pretty much anything in between. The 80’s has me enthralled + I’ve been jamming to a lot of older music.

Loves to Lay by The Weeknd

Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas

The Goonies ‘r’ Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper

My beauty favorites for this month:

Can we just say that I am the definition of boring + have tried zero new products this month. On the other hand, it’s called practicality, or finishing the copious amounts of what ya have.

I’ve been lusting after this month:

ring / booties / adidas superstars / clasp bracelet


How was y’alls December? Did y’all do anything fun for NYE? What are y’all looking forward to in 2017?


4 planners to help curb your disorganization

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on 07/14/2016

plan it out! // erin condren // whitney english // may designs

Well, I was expecting to post on Wednesday as I normally do but I ended up falling asleep at 6pm and sleeping through the night (whoops). My sleep schedule is extremely chaotic at the moment, y’all. In a fit of  trying to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming school year, I have been reading up on planners of every type. For the past four years, I have used the Lilly Pulitzer Planner and I have really loved it but I’m looking for something different this school year (maybe I’m getting more sophisticated or something…? Lol).

I’ve narrowed down my choices to these four and I have to say I am having a super hard time deciding. The May Designs Agenda is bound, which I love the idea of because my spirals always seem to fall apart mid year. It is a smaller size than the rest though, and I am worried I won’t able to fit it all, but it would be great to throw in my bag and take on the go. The agenda is the front runner in my mind right now. It is business on the front and a real party on the inside. One of my fave features of this agenda is that it does not have lines under each day in the week view. I’m sure y’all have heard of the Erin Condren Life Planner™ at some point or another. It’s a customizable planner with the option of vertical or horizontal week layout (which I love) as well as the option to design your own cover that can be interchangeable. It is the most expensive out of the bunch, but it sure does a lot! Lastly, the Whitney English Day Designer™ is standing out for me because it’s set up on the week view by time. Being a full-time college student, treasurer of my sorority, working a part-time job and blogging — I’m thinking a timed schedule might just be what I need!

Have y’all been able to decide on one planner out of the millions for this school year? Pretty please leave me a comment helping me to decide which I should get for this year! 


The only makeup products you need during the summer

Posted in Beauty
on 07/06/2016







I’m all about dat glowy summer face this summer. With extremely oily skin (I’m talking the use two full oil wipes), I have to be careful not to go overboard with the luminescence because no one wants to look like a light bulb. This is my go to face for the summer, so I thought I would share and see what y’all think.

Breakin’ it down

I always prime my skin before foundation/tinted moisturizer to be sure it’ll last all day. Neutrogena Shine control is a rice-based primer that helps mattify my skin. Laura Mercer Tinted Moisturizer is probably one of my all time favorite products ever. I love the coverage that it gives and the oil free version is a godsend. Due to my super oily skin, setting powder is a must. For years I’ve been using the Makeup Forever HD Powder and I am a huge fan. It makes my skin look airbrushed! For a glowy highlight/blush, MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish does the trick. The one I have is super duper old and I’m pretty sure it’s been discontinued but MAC has lots of other color options in stock. I love their MSF’s because they aren’t chalked full of chunky glitter. When you swirl this one together, you get a beautiful desert rose color (I swatched it in the third to last picture). To set my face, I like a matte setting spray like NYX’s Matte Setting Spray

As far as eyes go, I love eyeliner but I have been *trying* to steer away from it during the summer for a fresher look (keyword: trying. No really y’all I am an eyeliner addict). I always do a shimmery lid for summer, and MAC makes amazing cream shadows that last ALL DAY (not even exaggerating). MAC Bare Study Paint Pot is the perfect champagne color. I swatched it in the last picture. Mascara wise (I am constantly changing my mascara up) lately I have been using Maybelline the Falsies and I really like it.

As y’all are well aware and have seen in previous posts (aka this one and this one) I am obsessed with Revlon lip products. The Just Bitten Balm + Stain in particular is an all time fave. This light pink color looks good with any outfit and polishes off my makeup look.

Do y’all have any must have products for summer I should know about?

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Manicure SUNday…? | OPI Cajun Shrimp

Posted in Beauty
on 06/19/2016


In pursuit of a fun summer color, I stumbled upon this beauty. OPI Cajun Shrimp is the perfect summer color for your fingers and toes. Did I mention this coral looks stunning with a tan? Per usual, the formulation was on point. I will be wearing this one into fall to go with my chunky knits and jeans! Honestly this color could go year round so don’t hesitate to pick it up in a cooler month.

coral crush

What is your fave coral color for the summer? Fall? Let me know!

lots of love,


Nordstrom half-yearly sale | LGIP picks

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on 05/27/2016

When I hear the word “sale” my eyes light up. Who doesn’t love to save money? I do that’s for sure. Nordstrom is currently holding their Half-yearly sale of 40% off until June 5. Yeah you heard me right. You’ve still got about 9 good days to shop this sale. Check out my picks below!

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Let me know if y’all end up getting anything! Send me a comment, I love talking to readers :-) Lots of love!!


Congrats Grad! | 10 grad gifts under $40

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on 05/18/2016

Graduation season is among us! I literally remember graduating from high school like it was yesterday! It’s crazy how time flies! Graduation season brings a lot of crawfish boils (if you live in LA like me), and lots of gift giving. While money is always appreciated, sometimes it’s nice to give a physical item to show how much you care. So I’ve scoured the internet to bring to you 10 grad gifts under $40! 


// portable charger //

My portable charger saved my life this year. Seriously. I took it with me for long game days, nights out, or as a “just in case.” I loved the charger that plugged straight into my phone so I didn’t have to carry around cords! This one from is adorable, yet so functional!

// coco and the little black dress //

Forever wishing I had a coloring book freshman year to relieve stress. Coco Chanel + coloring — it can’t get any better than that. Take this bad boy to the library for a study break, or just keep in your room to unwind at night.

// passport cover + luggage tag //

This little duo is perfect for a traveler! You’ll never misplace your luggage with this luggage tag, and this passport cover is just the cutest.

// voluspa candle //

Voluspa has THE BEST candles hands down. The packaging is so aesthetically pleasing and there’s such a wide variety of scents offered. Burning a candle in my room is one of my favorite things to do at night before bed — aka making this the perfect gift for a grad!

// bauble bar coordinates necklace //

This year I purchased a bar necklace and it’s become one of my favorite accessories. This bar necklace is customizable with coordinates! I’m thinking coordinates of home or maybe school would make it really special.

// alex + ani bangle //

Another one of my basic pieces that I can pair with anything and everything! Alex + Ani bangles are a sweet, yet simple gift that will be put to good use in any girl’s stack.

// s’well bottle //

Y’all know my thoughts on S’well bottles — love, love, love! I toted mine around all of second semester and I loved how stylish it was, while keeping my water cold. This is a great gift for an entering college student to use on campus, or graduating college student to use at the office.

// target reversible tote //

A big tote is a must for me at anytime of year! I love this one from Target because of the price and the fact that it’s reversible. This would be a fantastic over night bag, carry on, or even just everyday purse (if you have lots of stuff to tote around like me).


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Is there anything on this list you would add?