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Striped sets + my movie marathon list

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle
on 02/21/2019

The weather lately has been the biggest drag. It’s been rainy and chilly, which is a combination I’m not a fan of. It makes me wanna curl up with a good movie and never ever leave. Anyone feel me on this? I swear I could do that every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it! A girls gotta Netflix and binge you know!

sweatshirt // shorts

Speaking of curling up in bed with a good movie, there’s nothing that’s more comfy to do it in than a matching set. If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you know that I am a SUCKER for a matching set. There’s just something so extra about it, but I love it too much. I picked up this set a few weeks ago and it has not left my body for very long. I am looooving the muted stripes and the colors are just so fun and springy! Plus you can definitely wear it out! Grocery shopping? Errands? Coffee? Casual lunch? You need for all of the above. Comfy, cute, and matching – nothin better.

I’ll go ahead and put a few of my other favorite matching sets below for y’all! Hop on the bandwagon with me :-)

If you know me, you know I watch ALOT of TV. Really, I do! I would consider myself a connoisseur of romantic comedies. I’ve pretty much seen almost of all them on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon… is that something to celebrate? Idk honestly but I’ll take it! I guess it comes in handy sometimes… and now is one of those cases. I put together a huuuuge list of all my favorite rom-coms from the 80s to now. If you ever need a movie, or 11, to watch- just come here. Screenshot this list and check em all off! You’ll be much more prone to think your life is a movie (I know I do- it’s a character flaw).


A Cinderella Story // He’s Just Not That Into You // 10 Things I Hate About You // She’s All That // Drive Me Crazy

You’ve Got Mail // 13 Going on 30 // Two Weeks Notice // Stuck in Love // Yours Mine and Ours // Pretty Woman

 Pretty in Pink // Can’t Buy Me Love // Legally Blonde // My Big Fat Greek Wedding // She’s The Man // 27 Dresses

Easy A // Bride Wars // Bridesmaids // Crazy, Stupid, Love // Princess Diaries (1 & 2) // White Christmas // Hairspray

Baby Mama // Mamma Mia // To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before // Almost Famous // Parent Trap // Lizzie McGuire Movie

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants // Aquamarine // High School Muscial (ALL 3 OBVI) // Pitch Perfect (1 only)

Friends with Benefits // No Strings Attached // Lady Bird // Breakfast at Tiffany’s // Bring It On // La La Land // Grease

The Devil Wears Prada // While You Were Sleeping // Never Been Kissed // Love Actually // Clueless // Trainwreck

When Harry Met Sally // The Proposal


PLEASE WATCH SOME MOVIES THIS WEEKEND IN MY NAME! DM me any you think I should add to the list :)

The ultimate guide to GAL-entine’s Day | LGIP

Posted in Lifestyle
on 02/10/2016

Calling all of my gals who will be celebrating the year’s Valentine’s day not with a man, but with some gal pals! If you’ve watched Parks and Rec, you’re totally getting my reference right now :)

Bless you Leslie Knope for Galantines Day. I wanted to create a post encompassing all things Galentines day: girl power playlist, fun presents for your gals, and a list of the best rom- coms in the history of EVER. Eeeeeee I am so excited to share this with y’all! Without further ado….



Well ya can’t have Galentine’s day without some sappy rom-coms. These are just some of my all time faves to watch with my gals. I mean you really can’t go wrong with 13 Going on 30, HSM, and Clueless now can you? Grab some silky PJ’s and popcorn and have a movie marathon with your gal’s!


Jamming to some tunes with gal pals is one of my all time favorite things to do. I’ve created a Spotify playlist that encompasses all of the best jams to beat those V-day blues. I’ll link it here. PS: Follow me on Spotify (I am ALWAYS listening to some tunes).


PJ’s // Bubblegum Lip Scrub // Phone case // Ray Bans // Curling wand // Rosebud Salve // Revlon Lip Butter // Fit Bit Flex

 If ya want to #treatyoself (another Parks and Rec reference I’m sorry :) ) or even treat yo friends, take a peak at this all of these pink goodies I’ve gathered. Lip products are always a fave of mine to give and receive. I’ve even done a super detailed post about my fave lip products here. Of course, I had to include a pair of Raybans because I am sunglass obsessed as you can see in this post. I threw in a cute pair of PJ’s to snuggle up in, as well as the cutest pink snake skin phone case. And if you’re wondering how I curl my hair, here’s one of the wands I use.

The perfect formula for galentine’s day:

sappy rom coms + girl power tunes + a present or two


Who is going to have a Galentine’s day this year? I know I am!

 xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls