4 planners to help curb your disorganization

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on 07/14/2016

plan it out!

ban.do // erin condren // whitney english // may designs

Well, I was expecting to post on Wednesday as I normally do but I ended up falling asleep at 6pm and sleeping through the night (whoops). My sleep schedule is extremely chaotic at the moment, y’all. In a fit of  trying to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming school year, I have been reading up on planners of every type. For the past four years, I have used the Lilly Pulitzer Planner and I have really loved it but I’m looking for something different this school year (maybe I’m getting more sophisticated or something…? Lol).

I’ve narrowed down my choices to these four and I have to say I am having a super hard time deciding. The May Designs Agenda is bound, which I love the idea of because my spirals always seem to fall apart mid year. It is a smaller size than the rest though, and I am worried I won’t able to fit it all, but it would be great to throw in my bag and take on the go. The ban.do agenda is the front runner in my mind right now. It is business on the front and a real party on the inside. One of my fave features of this agenda is that it does not have lines under each day in the week view. I’m sure y’all have heard of the Erin Condren Life Planner™ at some point or another. It’s a customizable planner with the option of vertical or horizontal week layout (which I love) as well as the option to design your own cover that can be interchangeable. It is the most expensive out of the bunch, but it sure does a lot! Lastly, the Whitney English Day Designer™ is standing out for me because it’s set up on the week view by time. Being a full-time college student, treasurer of my sorority, working a part-time job and blogging — I’m thinking a timed schedule might just be what I need!

Have y’all been able to decide on one planner out of the millions for this school year? Pretty please leave me a comment helping me to decide which I should get for this year! 


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