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Dressing for gameday with the neutrals in your closet

Posted in Fashion
on 09/06/2018

GAMEDAY GAMEDAY GAMEDAY! Only the best time of year for us southern gals. I’ve teamed up with one of my blogger pals, Caroline for today’s post (yay)! We work together so we chat lots about clothes (no really we chat too much about clothes). The two of us aren’t huge purple and gold fans which prompted us to do this post with some fun gameday looks you can create with the neutrals you already own!

This look is so effortless and cool – I love it. A simple tee (whatever color you have will work), cutoffs, sneakers and a denim jacket for that cool factor. I’ve also been super into belts lately so I added a lighter toned belt that pops against my favorite black cut offs. My gold platform converse, which quickly became my favorite shoes this summer, are the best for walking all day. The key here is comfort!


Let’s talk clear. Bags that is. They’re required for pretty much any sporting event and if you’re anything like me you pretty much hate them. I struggled to find one that I liked that wouldn’t break the bank. Amazon ended up being my savior! My bag is linked here. It’s under $25, super stylish, and it’s got lots of room for all my gameday essentials! Beaded coin purses are my favorite way to jazz these babies up. There are so many made in cool colors and funny sayings now so you can find one that fits your mood.


Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. I would like to think the same applies for gameday too. You’re out all day in the sun, trying to look like a 10 when ya actually look like a 2. It’s rough! There are a few things I always be sure to carry around with me to avoid looking like plague.


Y’all head over to Caroline’s blog for more gameday inspo. She’s styling a funky little yellow striped set over on Frill Seeker. GO GO GO!

Here’s the link to my favorite gameday playlist here. XOXO

Life lately | October edition

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on 10/26/2016

What’s good y’all?! October was a pretty good month! Here’s my recap…

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So I’ve been working a research paper for my stage makeup class + I have to say it’s honestly the most fun paper I’ve ever written. The 1920s are such an intriguing time and so much action was happening in the world and the cosmetic industry. I’ve been doing loads of research and that may or may not have included a trip to my favorite destination, Barnes and Noble… #oops

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I’ve been on the hunt for a job for as long as I can remember (honestly about 4 months y’all… this ain’t no joke). But…. I’m over the moon to announce I’ve finally got one!! Come visit me at Hemline Towne Center! Working for Hemline is something that I believe will really help me with my future career in the fashion industry so I cannot wait to start getting into the swing of things!

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My #OOTD post this month featured this adorable (and affordable) tunic sweater. I paired it with some jeans + lace up chunky heels to dress it up. The perfect fall outfit!! Now if I could just get some cooler weather down here…

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Alpha Phi had our family weekend when we played Southern Miss so naturally my family came down to see me. Spending some much-needed time with them was just what I needed to finish this semester strong! Shouts to them for coming tailgating on the Parade Grounds with me! #myparentsarecoolerthanme

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Another family day picture of my #girlgang. I love these ladies with all my heart! They make life so much more lively!!


My fall lip guide is up featuring my picks for perfect lips this season. Matte + neutral colors are my everything.


My monthly dose of inspiration comes from this ole thing. Thank you Vogue. Lupita is slaying as always!

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FIRST PLACE NEVER FELT SO GOOD! Alpha Phi placed first place this year in our homecoming structures!!! They were Duck Dynasty themed and turned out so great! Peep me and Leonard (with the Duck Dynasty beard)!


Our fall philanthropy event, Alpha Phifa, which is a soccer tournament with the fraternities was a #success! The team I was coaching won the whole thing so you could say I was proud :-)

My music favorites for this month:

Clocks go forward by James Bay

September Song by JP Cooper

Scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara

Mad about you by Belinda Carlisle

My beauty favorites for this month:

Remington wand

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

Burts bees classic minty chapstick

Articles I’ve been reading this month:

Anything Mackenzie Kendall (love love love her photos)

5 things to know about this weekend by A Pinch of Lovely (I met her… can you say fangirl?!)

Rare photos of Audrey Hepburn 

90’s Halloween costume ideas 

What have my peeps been up to this month? Comment below!


Life Lately | September Edition

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on 10/09/2016

October here I come! September was mostly me getting back into the swing of things with school and such, so not too many exciting things happened.. (oops!) I will say that you can expect less lifestyle sort of posts from me from now on — I’m aiming to post more fashion related things on LGIP now. With that being said, let’s get on with it!


Oh, what a night this was… Known as none other than Boys Bid Night (aka LSU Greek Life’s favorite night of the year). Our new members came to join us in getting dressed up + having the first night of fun with their new sissies!


Gameday is back + better than ever!! I’ve struggled each weekend finding an outfit considering I own nothing purple or gold. It’s been hot as hades for each game so far, so jeans have not been an option for me. I’m awaiting the cooler weather as patiently as possible.


If you haven’t read my most recent post, go ahead and click here! My pledge class + I got our littles this month! We had such a fantastic time crafting for them + reveal was the icing on the cake! In all honestly, I was totally suffocating being wrapped up in this get up for twenty long minutes.


Fall Grub was a success!! The theme was ESPhiN, so pretty much anything sports-related went! My date and I went as Tom Brady + Gisele, so I donned a VS robe for the night! Creativity levels were at an all time high that night as I saw some corn dogs (LSU fans are known as corn dogs, so we love to poke fun at it), field goals, famous basketball players, football players + a few WAGS.


We had our very first Taco night in our new house this month! All of the proceeds go to the Alpha Phi Foundation, and we opened our beautiful new home up and served some tacos. These Alpha Phi baseball tees are my favorite shirt from this year so far!! It goes great with some jean shorts, athletic shorts, or yoga pants!


If you follow me on my personal Instagram, or just know me in real life, you would know my unfailing love for One Direction. Niall’s new song is the sweetest thing I’ve ever listened to and I swear to y’all, I actually cried while listening to it #noshame.

See, I told y’all my September was boring… I can’t wait for y’all see some new fashion posts coming to LGIP this month!!


An ode to freshman year | LGIP Blabbers

Posted in Lifestyle
on 05/10/2016


Honestly, I dreaded writing this post because it would mean that it’s over. My freshman year of college is over. As depressed as it makes me, I absolutely cannot wait to experience what the rest of my three years at LSU holds for me. Freshman year was one hell of a ride. To take in every single moment would literally make this blog post go on for years on end :) So, I’ll save y’all some trouble and recap it in a few words.

Living on campus at LSU was ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF. I met so many friends from living in the 7 floor shack known as Miller, or the Miller Mansion. It was the classic all girls dorm — old, loud, and dirty (not surprised that over 600 can’t clean up after themselves). My roomie, Olive,  who has been featured on the blog and I were complete randoms and things could not have worked out any better. Olive, if you’re reading this please know I am hella thankful that we somehow found each other. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have had a shoulder to cry on, someone to eat with me at any hour of the day, a ride home from TL, or a second opinion on every outfit and every boy. Forever #535!

Recruitment was honestly something I had always assumed I would be partaking in, and I sure am glad about that. Rushing Alpha Phi, as corny as it sounds, has been one of best things to ever happen to me. I have met lifelong friends, mentors and I’ve become a more passionate leader. To my home away from home, I thank you for giving me memories to last a lifetime. I am so humbled to be able to take a part in something bigger than myself. Getting involved in Alpha Phi from the get-go was so instrumental in my wanting to run for executive board. I currently serve my chapter as our Director of Finance (aka Treasurer aka M-Money as I wish I was called lol) and while the job is a very large responsibility, I have such an amazing time giving back to Alpha Phi what it has given me in this short time I have been a member. I hope to continue to serve my chapter as a member of our executive board and hopefully when I graduate, apply to be an ELC. If you have the chance to rush, I would 10/10 recommend it.

Starting freshman year, I was so nervous about the leap from high school classes (even though I had taken some dual credit and AP courses in high school) to college ones. Going in, I had about 27 credit hours which got a lot of my basic classes out of the way. Second semester I was able to take major classes, and they have me really excited for future classes. I have decided to add a minor in Theatre to my college career, to complete my major in Fashion Merchandising and other minor in Business. I really enjoy school because it is challenging (Accounting killed me but thankfully I finished with a B- #blessed), and next semester should be interesting since I’ll be in some more major classes as well as some minor classes too! The course load in college definitely requires effort, but I think the jump is doable if you come with a good work ethic. I quickly learned I had to form good study habits, and learn the ropes of the library (club Mid) in order to be successful at LSU.

A huuugggeee part of LSU is gamedays/going out, and as much as I focus on my academics, I love a fun night out or gameday as much as any other LSU student. Tiger land is unlike anything I had ever seen before coming to LSU. Who knew that a run down group of bars would hold some of my favorite memories from freshman year? There is ALWAYS something to do at LSU whether it be a night out, gameday, fraternity party, or philanthropy event. Getting ready to go out is always such a fun time because I spent my days in norts and t-shirts so I loved getting dressed up to show people I don’t always look like a homeless sorority girl (lol). Gamedays never failed to be a literal shiz show. The gameday culture at LSU is a tradition I was so excited to be able to experience. I wrote one post a little bit about it here. The pride that comes with being an LSU fan is indescribable. Gameday really sealed the deal for me, confirming that LSU is where I am supposed to be.

I have learned a lot about myself this first year of college. I am more passionate about leading than I ever have been before. I’ve learned not to take anything too seriously. I’ve learned to cherish the moment because college only happens once and it will be the best four years of your life. I’ve learned not to let boys ruin my day. I’ve learned to talk to anyone you can — they could end up being your best friends. I’ve learned that the friendships that matter can withstand the test of anything. I’ve learned to take my studies seriously, but not to be afraid to have a fun night out. I’ve learned how to juggle school, sorority, and a social life. I’ve learned that I just gotta keep doing me and things will fall into place (with hard work and determination of course).

Freshman year, you’ll live on forever in my heart. I’ll never forget the growth I’ve experienced this year — whether it was the lifelong sisters and friends I’ve made, the solidity that the career I have chosen is for me, or just the general mantra that life will go on.

With all that being said, GEAUX TIGERS! Forever LSU!


(aka the crazy loud girl who somehow manages to look like she has it mildly together but is running at a million miles an hour in her head — it’s an odd balance, don’t know how I do it)

PS: Thanks for sticking with me through my freshman year of college, I love y’all to the moon and back for it!

Bayou Bengals | LGIP OOTD

Posted in Fashion
on 04/27/2016

Saturday’s endeavors included Alpha Phi family day (aka a tailgate and baseball game at Alex Box Stadium) and some beautiful weather. The Tigers played Mississippi State in a series, which we unfortunately lost. I am a baseball fan, but hadn’t had the chance to go to any games this season, so I was super stoked to be able to go to one! Here’s my ootd deets (if you’re interested) :-)






Photos by Catherine Quant.

I was going for a casual OOTD – complete with jean shorts, a tee and sneakers. I added my long black necklace and double wrapped it to be choker at the top to add some glam to the outfit. These leopard print sneakers that I borrowed from my friend Catherine added the perfect pop! I ended up loving the end result of this casual gameday look. I definitely plan to incorporate sneakers into more of my looks because they were soo comfy!

Shop my look below! I couldn’t find the link to the tee I was wearing so I included another graphic tee I am absolutely obsessed with right now from Show me your MuMu.

shop my gameday look

What do y’all wear on baseball gameday to stay comfy and cute?


Life Lately | November Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 12/01/2015

Hi my friends!! I am so sorry for the lack of posts last week, as I was off of school for a few days and literally the only thing I wanted to do was lie in bed all day. I’m trying to get on a regular posting schedule, so y’all can expect posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from me for now on. I wanted to compile a few pictures and just check in with y’all about what’s been happening in my life lately!


Here’s a lil sneak peak of what I wore to the last LSU home game versus Texas A&M this weekend. The weather was super weird.. It was overcast but extremely hot during the day and once we got into the game, it was perfect. I styled a bronze sequin skirt with a chunky high low sweater, a long freshwater pearl necklace. black booties and my Ray Ban aviators- obvi. Maddie is wearing an adorable pair of black suede shorts with an oatmeal colored sweater and a grey necklace wrapped twice (so it’s a choker and long). She wore some beige F21 booties with it and topped things off with her black Ray Bans.

The game was so much fun, considering it was like a little high school reunion. My friend, Gavin came into town from the Big Apple to spend the week in LA for Thanksgiving. I also had my high school friends Madeline and Sophia come into town for the game. The Tigers were finally able to get their stuff together and pull out a W! Les Miles coached what we thought was his last game with LSU and it was very emotional. He got carried off the field by the players only to find out that his job was safe and he would be our coach next year. Yay! To that I say #LesIsMore!


Baton Rouge can get boring on non-home game weekends (aka LSU vs Ole Miss), so my gal pals and I decided to head out to a cute girls dinner, followed by a night on the town (at Tigerland, that is. Classy, right?). We all got dressed up super super cute and hit up our local Mexican restaurant for some rocking food. I am stealing some outfit inspo from these ladies next time I head out- they all looked too cute! I love having fun girls nights out every once in a while!

I was recently elected to my chapter’s executive council as Director of Finance. It’s a super heavy load and a huge responsibility being in charge of everyone’s money- but I’m up for the task. I wanted to get involved in my chapter and I thought that jumping right into exec would be a great way to do so. I am so excited for the upcoming year to grow as an Alpha Phi with this group of women. While you’re at it, check out my chapter’s Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and website.

Who is excited for the Christmas Season? I know I am!!

xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls

Saturday down south: Casual Gameday Attire

Posted in Fashion
on 09/08/2015


If you live in the south and even if you don’t, I’m sure you’re well aware that we southern women love us some football. Not just the game of football, but the act of getting all dressed up for game day and going tailgating pre-game. This weekend I had my first experience of the act of tailgating at LSU. The Parade Grounds are flooded with tents, filled with swarms of people- all decked out in their purple, gold, black and white. Sorority girls wear their buttons and plaster “Sorority name here loves the tigers!” stickers onto boys. It’s hard to describe, but if you’ve tailgated at an SEC school, you’ll certainly understand where I’m coming from when I say it is sheer madness.

Of course, there’s always a question of what to wear for game days. Some girls where dresses, while some opt for shorts and a simple shirt. This weekend, I decided to go more casual and sport some distressed denim shorts and a swing tank complete with some accessories and my Alpha Phi button (A Phi loves the tigers!!). The whole look was effortless and certainly was perfect for the extreme heat I experienced.


// The Breakdown //

Articles of Society Distressed shorts // Free People Swing Tank {similar} // Forever 21 Strappy Bralette {similar} // Druzy Arrowhead Necklace (I made myself) // Sideways Cross Necklace // Mini MAC Crossbody Bag // Ray Ban Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses // Copper Jack Rogers Sandals

Pictured with me are my friends Maddie and Camille. The two of them dressed up a bit more and did dresses with boots.

The game was overall a flop. LSU literally played for five minutes and then we had a rain delay due to lightening and then everyone left due to the dark dark clouds. I had to walk all the way across campus in a terrential downpour with no umbrella or rain jacket. That was an experience I’ll definitely remember!!

I hope to continue this little Saturday Down South Series and give y’all some game day outfit ideas cause I know I’ll sure need some from y’all. Let me know what y’all think in the comments below. Did you enjoy this post? What would you wear to an LSU game?

xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls