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Fake + bake | Summer self tanning routine

Posted in Beauty
on 05/24/2018

Hiiii y’all! If you’re anything like me and spend most of your day inside then you’re probably also as white as a ghost (like me). That’s when the self tanner comes into play…. Everything is better when you’re tan — I can vouch for that. I know self tanner can seem SCARY AF if you’re new to it but after reading this post you’ll be a pro. Let’s take ya through the steps for that perfect fake and bake!

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 9.27.07 PM


Lol, could seem like an obvious one but clean skin is the best base for any self tan! I exfoliate with this and I also shave too before applying my self tanner. Blast the cold water before you get out the shower to avoid those brown little spots from the self tanner sinking into your hair folicles!

hydrate those dry areas

Areas like you’re elbows, knees and ankles (and for some reason the area right by my arm pits lol) will SOAK up that color so it’s so important to hydrate with a little bit of lotion so they don’t turn bright orange. Believe me, I have made the mistake MANY MANY TIMES but I just discovered this lil hack and it’s been a savior so far! My favorite lotion is this one and I also use it on my face too! Talk about #doubleduty.

apply that fake tan

We are getting to the good stuff now y’all… actually applying your tan! My tried and true tanner is this one. I think I’ve gone through like 6 bottles no joke. I will recommend it to anyone and everyone because it’s soooo adorable and it really gets the job done! Mousse is my favorite formula because I feel like it’s the easiest to control. I use a tanning mitt with it and it makes application much more even! I normally start with my arms and work my way down using around 2 pumps per arm and 3 per leg. Then I move to my chest and my upper back using around 2-3 pumps too (I normally don’t really do my lower back or stomach since it’s never visible). Make sure to rub in with long strokes and instead of circular strokes to ensure you’re not streaky. I let it dry and it only takes a minute or two and then I apply another coat!

If you’re a lotion gal, just follow the same steps but you won’t need to use a mitt or anything! If you like lotion, I would recommend this one!

taking care of your tan

The lasting power of a tan will differ from person to person depending on how much you sweat and shower! I normally fake tan 2-3 times a week in the summer since I don’t see the light of day lol. It’d probably be wise to take a break for a week or two every once in a while so I could exfoliate and start really fresh but I never really do :-) My best tip is to keep your skin moisturized to prolong your tan!

IT’S TIME TO BECOME THAT BRONZED BABE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE! Take this guide and run with it! Till next time xoxo

get ya self tan on!

I MOVED! | How to move minimalistically + room tour

Posted in Lifestyle
on 05/17/2018

HELLO HELLO. I’m typing this LIVE FROM FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS. I’m all moved in and awful proud of myself for packing pretty minimalistically (hi mom). Here’s a lil peak of what I was able to pull together. The key: keep it simple and you’ll be good to go!!

I thought I would share some tips on how in the heck I managed to get everything I needed for the next three months in just a few boxes!

leave the knick knacks behind

I looove a good knick knack as much as the next gal, but leave em behind to save space. This move, I kept things very simplistic and cut doown on my knick knacks. Bye bye stack of 60 magazines, momentos from freshmen year and all of my assorted little candles and lucite trays (ahhhh it was painful to leave those behind I love them). I brought one picture frame and one wall hanging along with a few pictures to decorate my bookcase and it only all took up a little space in my storage bin #success

pack only clothes you’ve worn in the past month-two

If you haven’t worn it in the past 4 months, then it probably shouldn’t move with you. Basics are your best friend because they’re basic you can mix and match them bunches of ways! Check the weather prior to your move so you don’t end up with parkas in 95 degree weather or vice versa.

buy necessities when you get there 

It’s so easy to want to pack EVERYTHING you’re ever going to need for the move before you leave, but leave the necessities like kitchen supplies, any extra toiletries, and cleaning supplies for when ya arrive. Make a trip to Target once you move in to grab everything you missed/couldn’t fit (try not to spend 2 hrs in there like I always do lol).

If you’re planning a move, whether it’s across the country or just down the street I hope you’ll try and do it as minimalistically as possible. If you know me in real life, I hope you’re proud I was able to leave my knick knacks behind. But dang does it feel good to have a clean start here in Fayetteville with my internship (read more about that here)! I started journaling (which I would so recommend if you already don’t. As someone who always has a million and one things running through her mind it is such a relief to sit down at the end of the day and just unleash all of those thoughts!!), working out a bit and *trying* to save my money. This summer is off to a fab start and I hope it’ll continue!

shop my room

Seein’ stars

Posted in Fashion
on 08/23/2017

So long summer… and hello school.

It’s been a long two weeks of silence (LSU sororities have to be silent the week leading up to recruitment and the week of recruitment) but I am happy to be back! My first day of junior year was Monday (dang I feel old). But before I dive into fall fashion on LGIP, I wanted to do a lil sign off to summer featuring my favorite sweater + short combo.

This MuMu sweater has seriously been one of my go to’s this summer. It’s so lightweight and I love wearing it with jean shorts. I’m seriously so sad that this star print is sold out, but I linked it’s matching striped one and a few for y’all below.

Jean shorts – my best basic during the spring and summer. I snagged this pair from Abercrombie (yeah you heard me right) for $40. Seriously consider heading over there if you’re in the market for jeans/shorts/skirts because they’re always having a great sale!

I’m seriously so excited to start giving y’all a peak into my fall closet (something I feel like I dropped the ball on last year). Any suggestions for posts? Leave me a comment!


Wednesday blues | How to add more Show me your MuMu to your closet

Posted in Fashion
on 06/21/2017

Hey my people. I’m coming to ya today to share this adorable little blue and white look. Funny story: while I was trying to shoot this, I was dripping in sweat (TMI?). Gotta love that Louisiana heat.


tunic | jeans (under $40) | tkees | crossbody | ray ban aviators

This summer I’ve definitely become a Show me your MuMu addict. Good thing I have two roommates who share that obsession with me and let me borrow their clothes (lol). I’ve got some Benji tees that are currently en route to me (so excited to style them). I digress though. While I like the printed pieces, I find that their solid ones are more versatile (and less memorable aka you can get away with them more haha). This tunic top is so great with jeans — white for summer and medium wash for winter. The flowy sleeves are so fun and I love the cut of the v-neck. This blue color is to die for!

I am always all about the white jeans and this pair I love because of all their distressing. They’re super comfy and under $40! Y’all know I love me some Old Navy jeans. I’ll link my favorite medium wash pair here (both under $40).

My shoes… oh my gosh my shoes. They are seriously my favorite shoes for the summer! So stinking comfy and they look good with everrryyything. The gold adds a nice metallic pop to the outfit too!


How to score Mumu without breaking the bank

Along with my recent obession, I have learned to shop THE SALES. It’s amazing how many smaller boutiques and retailers have sales on MuMu. Fall merchandise is about to start rollin in so summer items are going on sale (including MuMu)! In addition to shopping boutiques, I check MuMu’s sale section pretty frequently and there’s normally some great stuff in there. If all else fails, you can get a Unidays discount for MuMu (10% off) for your full priced items! Ebay and Poshmark can be good too (ya might just have to do some searching) for gently used MuMu.

i just bought

Is anyone else with me on being obsessed with Show me Your Mumu? Make me feel better and comment below!


White on denim

Posted in Fashion
on 06/07/2017

Let’s talk simplicity. Although I *feel* (keyword: feel) like I’ve been getting more daring with my fashion choices, in all honestly I think all I’ve done is wear some overalls, neck scarves, and fun earrings. So yeah, I do have somewhat of a safe style, but ya know what, there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day there is nothing I love more than jeans and a t-shirt.

Essentially the point of that entire blurb was to say this outfit is super simple, but it’s also a little fun with the pops of color I added (thank you for accessories). White on denim is one of my favorite combos year round, but I especially love it for the summer.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Another off the shoulder top I know… Lol. This one goes great with a skirt or even denim shorts. The skirt I’m wearing is on sale right now (wahoo)! It’ll definitely come in handy this fall during football season. If you keep up with me on social media, you would know I am head over heels for statement earrings. These mini tassels are from BaubleBar and they’re so fun to throw on with a simple outfit like this one. I have not worn these green mirrored Ray Bans in forever so I decided to add them to the mix too (more fun colors to this otherwise simple outfit).

 Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Ooooh, those shoes.

Omg, I know right?! They were a huuugge splurge for me, but I finally bit the bullet after eyeing them for two weeks straight (a little obsessive, no?). They’re Marc Fisher, so the quality and comfort is there. This season’s must have shoe has been the “Adalyn” and I love the look of that wedge, but I felt like the “Randall” was more my style. They’re a great wedge to wear everyday with anything from dresses to jean shorts. I’d say they run pretty true to size and are well worth the hefty price tag. There’s a bunch of different colors to choose from (I love the blue) so I’ll link them for y’all below.

Do y’all find yourself playing it safe with your outfits? Lemme know your struggle below. Until next time!!


Striped right | How to style an off the shoulder top + what’s in my bag

Posted in Fashion
on 05/10/2017


I’m coming at you live from Baton Rouge (where I am staying this summer). Can I get a heck yeah?!! Lots and lots of new stuff is comin at ya this summer since I’ve got some more time on my hands!

Let’s get into this week’s post. Featuring this little striped number (I am obsessed with off the shoulder tops right now).

striped-right-lgip-1 striped-right-lgip-10 striped-right-lgip-9 striped-right-lgip-8 striped-right-lgip-7 striped-right-lgip-6 striped-right-lgip-5 striped-right-lgip-4 striped-right-lgip-3 striped-right-lgip-2

Off the shoulder tops.

So fun. So flirty. So summery. In my opinion, one of my favorite trends for warmer weather. Here’s how I styled this one (and I’m not wearing my jean shorts so go me!!). These jeans y’all… My absolute favorite pair ever. They’re under $40 and they’ve been to hell and back. Medium wash goes with everything.

No necklace today, in order to show off the neckline of the top. Instead, I chose some hoop earrings.

These platform sneakers (hello espadrille) are my go-to shoe (besides my TKEES this summer). They’re super comfy and the white and rope combo complements any outfit.  Go out and get you a pair! I’m linking mine below (scored them for under $50).


What’s in my bag?

While taking doing blog photo shoots– this girl comes prepared. I fill my purse to the brim with all the quick fixes. When in need of a touch up, I always carry some lipstick or gloss, and mascara. My current favorites are this mascara (tried and true) and this lip balm. A few other essentials are sunglasses (can never bring too many pairs), extra jewelry (I swear I always decide last minute which earrings I want to rock), and my TKEES for when my feet get tired.

Super big shouts to my friend Maddie for the fabulous pictures. Y’all go give her instagram a peek, she is so talented.


Life Lately | June edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on 06/26/2016

Looking back at my mumble jumble of photos from June, I’ll go ahead an conclude it was a very random and spastic month full of work, blogging, eating, and a few day trips to Baton Rouge and NOLA. How the heck is it almost July?! That means I’m one month closer to being back in my favorite place, Baton Rouge, (and my new home on the lake whee) but also it means one month left being home and seeing friends and family I don’t get to see too often during school. Ugh!! Such conflicting feelings about summer surround me. Well, I’ll get onto babbling about my June… here we goooooo!

IMG_1074A day trip to NOLA to see my bestie was just what I needed to get this month started off on the right foot! Peep our Ray Bans (classic look from both of us). Get mine here and Zach’s here.

IMG_0998Summer time reading is one of my favorites. I’m still delving into the Cuckoo’s Calling, but hoping I can finish soon because I’ve got quite the list piling up!

IMG_1309I think we went overboard with the pineapple pictures during our time at the beach… Oh well.

IMG_8000My diva bestie from NYC came to visit for a few days this month!! We celebrated with watermelon spritzers + cake!! Thankful that our friendship can withstand 1,150 miles.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetMy dad’s day OOTD consisted of my favorite denim, a simple white top, and my OTBT Bushnells (Update: still obsessed. Don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon).

IMG_8013Call me DIY queen. Summertime is my DIY season since I have more spare time with no school. I ran to Hobby Lobby and snagged all of this for six dollars (go me with my coupons!!). Three necklaces later, and I’m wanting to go back for more.

IMG_1268My future home is coming along quite nicely, don’t ya think? August cannot come soon enough! (Can’t you tell how excited I am to live in this babe with all of my best friends/sisters!) #rushaphi

IMG_1202Walked into Ulta for one thing, and walked out with four…. Oops. I’ve heard only rave reviews about the NYX soft matte lip creams, and Maybelline instant age rewind concealer, so I’m super exited to try!

IMG_1275Probably the best fifty three dollars I have spent this month. This lens is amazing y’all. It rivals the Cannon 55 mm lens (did I mention it’s half the price?!!). I’ll be using this bad boy from now on in my blog pics so stay tuned to see it in action!

IMG_8106Maddie meet LGIP readers, LGIP readers meet Maddie. She’s been with me throughout this whole process and I am so elated to announce that she will be partnering with me to grow my social media. We’ve already taken an online class and plan to take some more to expand our knowledge on the subject. I cannot wait for y’all to see her amazing work!! (PS: this is an upcoming OOTD post… My dress is from Tobi!)

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetForever wishing I could take blog pictures 24/7. When an off day rolls around, you can one hundred percent catch me with my camera in hand.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAnd last but not least… my most exciting endeavor for the month of June… an official Louisiana Girl in Pearls instagram. I’ve been reluctant to branch out from my personal instagram just because I would have to start over with all of my followers, but so far the support has been amazing. If you get the chance go ahead and check me out here.

Let me know what y’all have been up to this month!


Palazzo pant play | LGIP OOTD

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle
on 06/22/2016






Hey hey friends! Dressing up while at the beach is one of my favorite things to do (not sure what it is.. but taking a nice shower and putting on a beach outfit to go with my new tan makes me happy happy). Last week I was in Orange Beach, AL on a  little girls trip so we ended up going to dinner a few times during the course of the week.

Palazzo pants are a summer staple in my closet, and I think they are so easy to dress up or dress down. Since we were headed to a nicer restaurant, I paired these printed palazzos with a plain tank (tied up — aka one of my fave ways to style this Old Navy tank), a long pearl necklace (double wrapped as usual), and my latest obsession — OTBT Bushnell wedges.

get the look

What do y’all wear when you go to dinner at the beach? Give me some ideas for my next beach trip in the comments below!

lots + lots of love,