You’re only 19 once… | My Birthday Wishlist

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on 01/20/2016

The time has come once again… it’s finally my birthday this weekend (January 23)! In preparation for questions from family members, friends and my parents- here’s what I’m wishing for this year (hint, hint Mom and Dad).


Kendra Scott Elisa // Cannon Rebel T3i // Phone Case // FitBit Flex //Ray Ban Aviators

// Cannon Rebel T3i //

As my blog grows, I’ve found the need for a new camera. The camera I currently use is my sisters (thanks Reag), and I’ve overstayed my welcome with it quite a bit. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this camera, and it was reasonably priced, so I wanted to give it a try. It’s got a flip out screen and it shoots video in 1800 HP. I’m super excited to finally have a nice camera of my own. Going from a Nikon to a Cannon is gonna be a big step, but I think I’m going to enjoy using something different.

// Kendra Scott Elisa //

I’m so disappointed in myself and I recently lost my Kendra Scott Elisa between LSU and home during break :( I loved that necklace so much, it really does look fantastic with anything. Layering it with my gold Alpha Phi necklace dressed up my usual uniform of a tee-shirt and yoga pants. I had a minty green color for my last one, but the amethyst color is catching my eye. Plus I have 50% of one item for my birthday month at Kendra Scott so I may just end up buying this one for myself! ;)

// Phone Case //

I ended up getting a new phone because my other phone screen shattered to pieces (the MINUTE I took off my glass screen protector) and I had insurance on it. The Speck case I have now is kinda beaten up so I am on the market for a new one. The case doesn’t even have to have that much protection due to the fact that I have the glass screen protector which has saved my life many, many times (Get it here). Casify has such adorable cases and I thought this one would be so stinking cute for my phone. It’s got some protection in it which is always a plus, regardless of whether or not I need it!

// Fit Bit //

In my quest to TRY to be healthier this year (keyword: try), I’ve been super interested in getting a FitBit. This one is really sleek and compact, and it tells you steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. I love the black color because it will go with anything. I do a lot of walking around campus, so I’m always yearning to know how many steps I’m taking per day! I’ve heard a lot of great things about this Fitbit, so that always helps too!

// Ray Ban Aviators //

Do y’all think I’m crazy yet? I am clearly obsessed with sunglasses and this further proves it. They are always a go to when someone doesn’t know what to get me. I love the Aviators from Ray Ban, and I think this golden brown ombre is really different. I think they would look good with my dark hair and dark eyebrows!

When is your birthday? Have you started making a wish list?

xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls

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