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Chunky sweater + my faves under $70

Posted in Fashion
on 12/11/2017

chunky sweater // jeans (under $30) // chunky heels // purse // sunglasses

Well, the unthinkable happened y’all — it’s cold in Louisiana. WTF?! Ya gotta have some way to curb that chill so that’s exactly when the chunky sweater comes in. The chunkier the better in my book. They’re my favorite thing to wear with just about everything. While I’m not much of a cardigan gal since public school totally wore me out (had to wear one over every outfit haha) I do love pullover sweaters since they’re easy. Just one piece and then you’re done!

I dressed this lil #ootd up with my new favorite heels. I’m pretty late jumping on the bandwagon for these babes but now I see where the hype is coming from! They come in oh so many colors and have a great price point. I would also do the sweater with leggings (my fave are Spanx faux leather) for a super comfy look. Booties would be great if it’s a little cooler outside!

shop this #ootd

I’m linking a bunch of sweater options for y’all below. They’re all under $70 (shoutout to my gals #ballinonabudget) so happy shopping! I am loving anything chunky and colorful so you’ll see lots of that in my picks!!

my fave sweaters under $70

xo, Madison

Photos by Demi Lyons Photography

All I want for Christmas is…. | LGIP Christmas List 2015

Posted in Lifestyle
on 12/21/2015

Is it just me or is it every time Christmas rolls around I have the HARDEST time coming up with a list? Throughout the year I am always on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and seeing things that make me go “OMG I WANT!” but then Christmas list making comes and hits me like a brick. I seriously struggled this year, y’all. I think the older I get, the more I realize that I don’t really need anything for Christmas, ya know? Well after some thought, I present to you my Christmas List 2015.


Ray Ban Aviators // J Crew Factory PJ Set // Blanket Scarf // S’well Bottle

// Ray Ban Aviators //

As you all well know- I am sunglass obsessed. Back in July, I broke my favorite pair of Ray Ban Aviators {I talk about this and about my newer pair in this post}. It was such a sad day for me… I had those glasses for four years. They were the first pair I was able to keep up with in the history of EVER. Nevertheless, I miss them dearly and thought I would ask for a new pair of them for Christmas this year.

// J Crew Factory PJ Set //

I’ve recently been on a PJ kick.. Is that even I real thing? I’m not sure but all I know is I’ve been really wanting a PJ set to cozy up in on Sunday mornings when I have nothing to do. Sleeping in a PJ set actually makes me feel like I have my life together somewhat.. lol only me. I plan on monogramming these to add my own flair to them!

// Blanket Scarf //

Blanket scarves are all the rage this season. I’ve seen them on my Instagram feed at least once a day for the past month or two. I love scarves but unfortunately it hasn’t really been cold enough here for me to rock them :( I’m hoping the weather will cool down and I can rock a chunky blanket scarf one day! A girl can only dream….

// S’well Bottle //

Along with being sunglass, PJ and scarf obsessed at the moment, I have always been a fan of water bottles. My favorite are Camelbacks and Tervis Tumblers. I always bring a bottle of water with me to work or to my classes to be sure I’m staying hydrated. Having an adorable water bottle really does make me want to drink water. S’well bottles keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. They’ve got so many patterns and colors, it was so hard to choose.

Well there you have it readers, my 2015 Christmas List. What are y’all asking for this year? Any of the same things that are on my list?

And if you’re still doing some last minute shopping… believe me I feel your pain. Keep this in mind!


Much love y’all. Until next post..

xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls

How to rock bold lips this holiday season | My fave lip products under $10

Posted in Beauty
on 12/14/2015

Bold lips are a favorite trend of mine year round, but for the holidays, I think it’s especially fun. I’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to help you rock bold lips this season. All of the products I’m talking about in this post are under $10!



LUSH Lip Scrub: If you want to rock a bold lip, you’ve got to slough that dry skin off. This LUSH lip scrub is my favorite thing ever. You scrub it on your lips with your finger and it’s even edible so you can lick it off when you’re done. My favorite flavor is Mint Julip but Bubblegum and the limited edition Santa lip scrub (it tastes like Coke) are some contenders.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve: This is my holy grail product. I love love love it. These lil tubs will last for FOREVER. After I brush my teeth, I put this on. It’s not sticky, and not too thick either. It gives my lips the perfect amount of moisture. Keeping lips hydrated is essential to rocking bold lips. This is an awesome follow up to the lip scrub before you apply your bold lip color.






Revlon Lip Butters are the best. They are super creamy, bold lipsticks with a perfect amount of moisture in them. I only own three, but I plan on getting a few more because they are that good. Plus they’re all under $10!

Candy Apple: This one is the perfect candy apple red color for any occasion. It’s adorable for a tacky Christmas party or even to wear with an adorable lil cocktail dress to a fancy Christmas bash. Whatever the occasion, you’ll look super festive!

Pink Truffle: The easy neutral for your holiday season. It looks good with anything, and it can really be dressed up/dressed down. This color is super cute to wear with some jeans and boots or with a super chunky scarf and sweater. It complements any skin tone and these neutral browny colors are in this season (and we have Kylie Jenner to thank for that!)

Lollipop: I call this one my Frenchy lipstick because it’s what I wore in Grease (lol). It’s a gorgeous bright pink that jazzes up any outfit. I think bright pinks aren’t always thought of as the most wearable color, but I have to say I love this one for its unconventionality. Great for a holiday party, night on the town or even to add a pop to your daytime look.

What your favorite beauty trend for the holiday season? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls

Home for the Holidays | Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

Posted in Lifestyle
on 12/02/2015


I don’t know about y’all but Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. Along with it comes catchy songs, happy spirits and lots and lots of fun Christmas decor. Seriously y’all I cannot wait to have my own place so I can decorate it for Christmas. While I’m dreaming of the future, I decided to put together a little collection of some holiday decor I’m wishing for. You can sense a theme here huh? I’m into mixing metals and neutrals this holiday season.

Here are some of my essentials.

// A Bar Cart //

Bar carts are a necessity for any apartment. I always see them splattered all over Pinterest decorated so many different ways. This one is from Target. I love the gold with the acrylic- it looks very simplistic. You can use it to store drink wear and alcohol or you can even display a nativity and some adorable reindeer figurines on it.

// Metallic Accent Pillow //

I’m such a simple girl. My whole room at home and (for the most part) at school is white. I love the way an all white room looks- so crisp. I think that adding a metallic accent pillow is the perfect way to jazz up any bed or even couch during the holidays. The pillow I picked is from TJ Maxx but I found some super cute ones at Target as well.

// Decorative Decanter //

Going along (once again) with my bar cart obsession is this platinum dotted decanter. Just look how adorable? I think it’d be a super cute addition to the bar cart weather or not its filled.

// Silver Nutcracker //

It just can’t be Christmas without a Nutcracker. I love this one from Target. It’s a twist on the classic red Nutcracker. How can you not love it?

// Reindeer Figurine //

I love trinkets and random things that can be used to add some spice to the coffee table, mantle, or even bedside table during Christmas. This reindeer is so simplistic I think you could easily keep it up year round!

Let me know how you decorate your house Christmas? If you don’t have your own place yet (like me) let me know how you would want to decorate it!

xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls