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on 12/02/2015


I don’t know about y’all but Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. Along with it comes catchy songs, happy spirits and lots and lots of fun Christmas decor. Seriously y’all I cannot wait to have my own place so I can decorate it for Christmas. While I’m dreaming of the future, I decided to put together a little collection of some holiday decor I’m wishing for. You can sense a theme here huh? I’m into mixing metals and neutrals this holiday season.

Here are some of my essentials.

// A Bar Cart //

Bar carts are a necessity for any apartment. I always see them splattered all over Pinterest decorated so many different ways. This one is from Target. I love the gold with the acrylic- it looks very simplistic. You can use it to store drink wear and alcohol or you can even display a nativity and some adorable reindeer figurines on it.

// Metallic Accent Pillow //

I’m such a simple girl. My whole room at home and (for the most part) at school is white. I love the way an all white room looks- so crisp. I think that adding a metallic accent pillow is the perfect way to jazz up any bed or even couch during the holidays. The pillow I picked is from TJ Maxx but I found some super cute ones at Target as well.

// Decorative Decanter //

Going along (once again) with my bar cart obsession is this platinum dotted decanter. Just look how adorable? I think it’d be a super cute addition to the bar cart weather or not its filled.

// Silver Nutcracker //

It just can’t be Christmas without a Nutcracker. I love this one from Target. It’s a twist on the classic red Nutcracker. How can you not love it?

// Reindeer Figurine //

I love trinkets and random things that can be used to add some spice to the coffee table, mantle, or even bedside table during Christmas. This reindeer is so simplistic I think you could easily keep it up year round!

Let me know how you decorate your house Christmas? If you don’t have your own place yet (like me) let me know how you would want to decorate it!

xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls

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