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on 03/09/2016

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies! I am so ready to be done with this week, and get onto the week from hell (aka four tests the week before Spring break- send prayers ASAP). I thought I would branch out of my usual OOTD posts, and life updates to take a moment to reflect on a brand I am a huge fan of- Shop RiffRaff.

Shop RiffRaff is a brand I admire because they have been able to utilize social media in such an effective way. ShopRiff Raff is a growing small chain of boutiques that are spread across the Southern US. They currently have two locations and a successful online website.

What RiffRaff does so well that inspires my social media is they are so approachable. There’s a few different instagrams that RiffRaff holds- one being their “behind the scenes instagram” dubbed @riffrafhq. This instagram is my fave because I love the fact that customers can get to know the faces behind the website, as well as have a peak into the creative process.

 RifRaff also holds another account titled @shopriffraff for their product photos, promotions and that sort of thing. They use their social media in such an affective way by posting multiple times a day with lots of different product and varying posts (some are just plain photos of a product on a model, and some take the product into more of a real life setting- like the top photo).

My only critique for RiffRaff is that they utilize all forms of social media, including Facebook. I think Facebook has such a wide range of audiences, using it regularly can be helpful in boosting sales.

Here are some of my current faves from RiffRaff right now…

// la state love tee // show me your mumu kylie mini dress – steel magnolia // #wcw stickers // lace up dress (I’m all about lace up everything) // raw edge distressed jeans // chunky spiked + jeweled necklace //

PS: this post was for one of my Mass Comm classes! Let’s go #manshipdigitalbrands!!

xoxo, louisiana girl in pearls

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