Hey there! Welcome to Louisiana Girl in Pearls (otherwise known as LGIP). My name is Madison + I am a fashion student at Louisiana State University (geaux tigers). A few of my favorite things include: to-do lists, copious amounts of coffee and lipstick, One Direction, +ย my beloved 18 year old Jeep.

As a current fashion student, I have wanted to differentiate myself from the rest, so that’s why I created this blog. It serves as an outlet for my OOTD’s, quirky ramblings, + the occasional DIY.

Louisiana Girl in Pearls is a haven for college-aged girls looking to dress like they own the world, when in reality they’ve got $300 in their bank account. Through scanning the sale racks, I’ve learned a thing or two about what’s worth the splurge + what you should buy for cheap!

Writing LGIP has been one of the most enjoyable things in my life this past year. I hope that y’all revel in reading in this little blog. Kick your shoes off + stay for a while — I am so overjoyed y’all are here!

XO Madison